Clearly some people in the US were looking beyond July 4th this week, Kentico being a case in point. The Web content management vendor has announced plans to release Kentico CMS 7 on September 17.

Kentico CMS7 on its Way

In the meantime, it has started distributing the Kentico CMS 7 release candidate that includes marketing automation, better mobile support, advanced workflow and translation management.

Apart from the functionality, another interesting element is that Kentico is tying the full release in to the recently announced SaaS version of its enterprise marketing suite (EMS+) offering released in early June.

At the time of the EMS+ release, Kentico said it was the first time it was offering their tools as a true SaaS; with CMS7 it is extending this...

Kentico CMS 7 continues to empower our worldwide customers…in the execution of their online marketing…Especially when combined with our recently-announced Kentico+ software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering, Kentico CMS… [is] for any customer who requires an integrated Customer Experience Management solution,” says Petr Palas, CEO and founder of Kentico Software.

Marketing Automation Key in WCM Release

And it is the marketing element that Kentico appears to be anxious to stress in v7, in particular the Marketing Automation component.

With it, Kentico says, users will be able to extend lead management, scoring and email marketing to include automated marketing campaigns that will be coordinated through Kentico EMS.

Version 7 of the CMS will also offer better support for mobile websites as well as deeper integration with social networks, while a built-in Salesforce connector will enable users to offer marketing campaigns across multiple channels. The general release is for September 17.