Limelight Intros Orchestrate Platform for B2B Online Marketing

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Limelight Networks has a new, end-to-end solution for B2B marketers. Called Orchestrate for B2B Marketing, it integrates web content management, online video publishing, mobile publishing, media delivery, social media and other components of a modern online marketing effort.

In its announcement, Limelight pointed out that a website is no longer sufficient for a successful digital and online strategy. A site, the company noted, is only one element in a digital ecosystem that involves video, social media, mobile, email, search and analytics, all of which the Orchestrate platform seeks to address in one unified workflow. Orchestrate builds on Limelight Deliver, the company’s signature content delivery network, and on its Orchestrate publishing platform, announced in May.

Out Engage the Competition

Jeff Freund, Vice President and General Manager of Limelight’s Web Content Management Group, noted in a statement that business buyers are increasingly using their digital devices to research companies whose services or products they may want to employ.

To capture the interest of these prospective customers during this research phase, Freund said that B2B marketers must provide compelling, targeted content. Those who employ “a solution with robust content management and website personalization capabilities can remain a step-ahead of competitors and generate more quality leads,” he said.

On the corporate blog, Limelight’s announcement of Orchestrate compared the B2B marketer’s need to that of a salesperson who is trying to find out what kind of car a visitor to a car showroom is considering.

“Imagine being able to know where a Web visitor came from and what industry they are in,” the posting asked. If a marketer had that knowledge, it continued, and could deliver targeted content quickly to any platform, then the marketer could “out engage” other sites and thus be more likely to make the sale.

Learning Opportunities

Online Segmentation Strategy

Key features of Orchestrate for B2B Marketing include content management, publishing and delivery functions that are oriented toward user engagement and sales conversion, as well as streamlined workflow processes that the company said are built for reducing costs and increasing speed-to-market.

The interface has been designed for non-technical users, such as marketers. Visitor data generation in Orchestrate is intended to support an “online segmentation strategy” so that messages are tailored for the targeted prospects in the right context.

To maximize consistent branding and simplify operations, assets can be re-used across the platform, and video and Web content is automatically optimized for the best viewing experience on targeted mobile devices.

Based in Tempe, Arizona, Limelight Networks provides cloud-based apps that leverage the company’s high-performance, global platform for delivering online and mobile content.