Linkable Networks: Improving the Customer's Path to Purchase

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Linkable Networks: Improving the Customer's Path to Purchase
The customer experience is still a work in progress. We know that as social and mobile technologies become more advanced, the challenge isn’t necessarily about deploying them, it’s about getting them to seamlessly align alongside human capabilities. The mobile coupon fails to get scanned at checkout. The opportunity to enroll customers in a rewards programs is missed. Consumers receive irrelevant promotions that don’t meet their interests or activities. What if there was a better way to improve the customer experience without having to upgrade the human experience?

Improving the Path to Purchase

Linkable Networks exists to link consumers, financial institutions and advertisers together seamlessly. By using Card Link Offers (CLOs), coupons and promotions are linked directly to a debit or credit card via a mobile app or a financial institution’s loyalty programs.

Learning Opportunities


Not only does Linkable Networks provide consumers with what they want -- savings on products and services that are most relevant to them based upon preferences and previous purchase history, it also gives them the flexibility to discover advertisements and promotions on any medium, including print, online, mobile and email. For financial institutions, Linkables give “Top of Wallet”-- an approach that delivers stronger customer relationships while generating increased transactions and interchange revenue.

How does it do this? The Linkable Networks platform turns online, mobile, email, print, TV and radio ads into linkables, savings offers tied to the consumer’s credit or debit card and redeemed automatically when they use that card to make the qualifying purchase. After purchase, the savings appear automatically in their account, without requiring any clipping, printing or presenting of coupons, or any rebate paperwork.

Improving the Path to Brand Loyalty

For consumers, all we want is to get the best deal without having to jump through too many hoops. Historically, consumers have put in a great deal of work to get the discounts they want. Clipping coupons, searching for online discount codes, signing up to receive points and rewards -- much of which helps them decide what and where to purchase. While this may have once proven lucrative for advertisers, as technologies proliferated it’s much harder to ensure brand loyalty. Linkable Networks helps brands stay relevant to users’ behaviors because they have more information about the path the consumer took to commit to purchase.

The customer journey doesn’t always follow the same path for every customer. As a result, brands struggle to ensure that all touch points are optimized. With Linkable Networks, brands can track the viability of their promotions across a variety of platforms, consumers are able to get what they want, when they want it, without much effort, while financial institutions are able to quickly convert their purchases into points and cash rewards.

Setting up your Linkable Networks account is as easy as downloading the app and linking the appropriate credit or debit cards to your account. Once linked, offers for a plethora of goods and services will be provided, allowing you to redeem them and reap the rewards back into your accounts. You can also scan any offers you see along the way and link them to your account.