Lithium has bought up social CRM provider Social Dynamx and turned it into Lithium Social Web, a social customer care service capable of responding to the deluge of social commentary now found in the mobile, connected world.

After both Salesforce and Oracle announced big social offerings in the past few weeks, Lithium follows suit in an effort to keep its top ranking in the Gartner Social CRM Magic Quadrant.

How Social is Your Customer Management?

Social CRM is hot, and Lithium was already a major player even before it debuted its all in one solution called Social Web. Social Web is available now and is integrated with Lithium Communities. It improves agent productivity by more than 25 percent, Lithium says.

"Seventy percent of complaints directed to brands via Twitter are ignored,” Rob Tarkoff, Lithium president and CEO said in a statement.

With the Social Dynamx technology at its core, Social Web can manage social conversations, respond to posts and measure performance on Twitter, Facebook and across social media.


Social Web agent UI pulls in Salesforce data and historic conversations for more context.  

Publishing + Workflow Features

All the metrics you'd expect to find in a Social CRM solution are included in Social Web, and it can keep track of histories, replies and likes for multiple Facebook and Twitter accounts. Additionally, scheduled messages and post templates are enabled for even faster and more relevant responses to social requests/comments. 

Social Web filters social media mentions to the appropriate agents within 30-90 seconds of posting, and as posts get reassigned and prioritized, the system gets smarter about which messages go where. Furthermore, messages get automatically categorized by sentiment, language and product group for things like temporarily ignoring topic spikes, for example. 

Social Dynamx CEO Mike Betzer will join Lithium’s executive team, reporting directly to Tarkoff, and will lead the Lithium Social Web business.