Digital marketing solutions provider Lyris, Inc. is thinking “big,” as in Big Data, with its new Lyris ONE digital marketing platform. Lyris ONE analyzes Big Data from structured and unstructured sources including social, email, mobile and enterprise applications to support interactive marketing campaigns.

A Channel of One

“Today’s marketing problem is not a channel or technology problem, but a problem of reaching the customer properly wherever they are,” Lyris VP of Marketing Alex Lustberg said in a phone interview with CMSWire. “Existing solutions don’t connect the data marketers need.” 

Calling marketing the “final frontier” for enterprise software, Lustberg said solves the modern marketing problem by connecting customer behavioral data from the Web, email and social networks, as well as information such as order and payment history and demographic data, to create a “channel of one.” The customer becomes the channel, with marketers seamlessly providing the same experience based on the same data through all access points.

“The architecture of the solution takes advantage of the Big Data capacity companies like Google and Facebook have been using and expands it to the front office,” Lustberg said. “It analyzes the data through integrated marketing analytics.”

As a result, Lustberg said, marketers can ensure they reach customers with relevance. “You won’t get a promotion for a TV a week after buying a TV because some non-intelligent data says, ‘This person likes TVs,’” he explained. “This is the age of the customer, not the age of the transaction.” 

A Big Data Future?

In a recent Business Insider column, Jeff Dachis, CEO of social business consulting firm Dachis Group, declared that “Big Data is the future of marketing.” According to Dachis, “Cheap processing power, ubiquitous network access, mobile computing, and the democratization of the tools of self-expression have given almost everyone the ability to share their thoughts and ideas for free, worldwide.” 

However, identifying measuring and monitoring the success of brand marketing is difficult in this environment, which is where Dachis said Big Data comes in. By collecting and analyzing Big Data, Dachis said marketers obtain insights that allow more effective campaign management. If Dachis is correct, Lyris ONE could be in position to become a major marketing tool.

Big Data Use Cases are Many

Beyond theory and speculation, actual use cases prove the potential value of Big Data as a marketing/CRM tool. For example, Clickfox has used Big Data and analytics to provide a major telecommunications company with the insight necessary to effectively assist its customers over the web versus needing to dial a toll free number because their internet-based “help yourself” service was so ineffective. Not only did the analysis reveal that 1200 of the company’s online articles needed to be rewritten, but in exactly which places they were failing. It also pointed out which of the company’s device tutorials frustrated its customers. As a result, in a single year, nearly two million calls were deflected from live agents and 10 million dollars were saved.