Startups and SMBs who need a free email marketing bundle might be interested in a European firm called Mailigen that is offering its Epic Free Email Marketing Account for up to 5,000 subscribers.

We haven't covered Mailigen before, but the Epic Free tool sounds like it could be a good fit for companies that are making their first foray into the email marketing world.

Living in an Email World

There's plenty of evidence email marketing does indeed work, and because Mailigen is offering its system for free, no doubt many companies will be taking a look at Epic Free. For those who don't have much experience with it, email marketing done with a simplified, free tool has its advantages.

Epic Free may not have campaign management and multivariate testing tools that enterprise ready systems have, but at least it allows email marketing novices to get started on their learning path. It does include things like drag and drop email editing, survey templates, social media integration and reporting and analytics.

Additionally, and no doubt Mailigen hopes this is exactly what happens, there are several paid plans available that can be upgraded to anytime. Because the Epic Free system allows for contact databases of up to 5,000, however, the need to upgrade can be put off until companies have time to really explore what their strategy should be.

This freemium model is fairly popular in the software world, and with Mailigen, there are free 30 day trials for the paid versions so companies can get even more of an opportunity to try them before buying.


Epic Free Email Marketing features.

Email Marketing is Automated Marketing

We like tools like the Mailigen version here because while it is a decent intro to email marketing, it is also helpful because it introduces the idea of automated marketing as well. Integrated marketing suites are getting more and more attention as companies begin to better analyze and put together more detailed customer lists and profiles.

Customers are leaving more digital fingerprints online today because of the huge increase in mobile device usage. This gives marketers a unique look at who those people are, and in turn, allows them to better target people with the information they need. This is especially true for those who have large, high touch websites.

Companies like that may not have as much of a use for things like the Epic Free system, but for smaller companies, it could be a useful tool that gets them moving on a more advanced marketing strategy.