It’s a crowded marketing vendor space. Nine times more crowded than it was two years ago, in fact

Next week, Marketo will try to pull attention away from its 946 competitors and onto itself when it hosts the Marketing Nation Summit at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. 

Marketo is expecting more than 5,000 customers, partners and analysts to attend the Summit, according to Jon Miller, vice president of marketing content and strategy and a Marketo co-founder. That is double the number of attendees from last year, Miller told CMSWire.

Quite a Year

Why the big push in the Marketing Nation? To put it simply, Marketo is simply bigger than ever. Through various acquisitions, the company has swelled to nearly 500 employees. 

Overall, it's been a busy year for the company. There was December's acquisition of Insightera for $19.5 million, adding real time personalization to its web and mobile platform. There's also the company's partnerships with Leadspace and Demandbase and, of course, its decision to go public. Raising nearly $80 million dollars for its IPO, Marketo stock was trading at $32.10 as of April 3.  

Rounding things out is Marketo's continued recognition as a key marketing automation player by research firms Gartner and Forrester

Learning Opportunities

At the Marketing Nation Summit, Marketo is expecting to see a “good chunk of people who really think of this is as a marketing conference,” Miller said.

Besides the obvious opportunity to push the platform and provide software updates, Marketo wants the underlying theme of the conference to be “innovation in the nation.”

“We talk about the Marketing Nation as trying to evoke an emotional connection and a community feeling, a community for a marketer that supports marketers in kind of a complex world,” Miller told CMSWire. “It’s the power of the network, if you will. When a marketer’s trying to deal with this changing world, there’s this company behind them. And behind that company is the marketing nation.”

Innovation in the nation is focused, Miller said, on the fact that “we think marketing has changed more in the last five years than in the 100 before.”

“Marketers need to find a way to stay on top of what’s going on," he said.