Today marks the official launch of Metaresolver, a new startup focused on gathering and analyzing mobile advertising audience data. Cofounders include CEO Seamus McAteer (former co-founder of M:Metrics) and CTO Mike Rowehl (former first engineer at AdMob).

According to the Metaresolver website, its goal is to “deliver optimal performance and speed mobile ad adoption,” which it hopes will help rectify what it sees as disproportionately low spending on mobile ads compared to how much time consumer spend using mobile devices.

Data Accuracy – The Key to Unlocking Mobile Ad Value?

Metaresolver does not blame advertisers for spending less on mobile than on other channels. The company sees “poorly resolved foundational data and lack of proper targeting” as the culprits producing “less than stellar” mobile advertising results which in turn scare away prospective mobile advertisers.

To bring mobile ad spending up to par, Metaresolver says it will focus on data and end-to-end infrastructure, using algorithmic optimization to produce “clean data” based on real-time consumer information (such as type of device and connection) and targeted marketing/media data. Metaresolver then engages in “programmatic buying,” or mobile ad buying applying machine learning to real-time bidding exchanges for optimal results. In the end, Metaresolver promises transparency and better intelligence for more productive mobile ad buys.

Realizing the Future of Advertising

In a recent CMSWire guest column David Hillis, VP of Business Development for Ingeniux Corporation, said mobile delivers “location, context, behavior and other dimensions that promise to make advertising more relevant for end users and more profitable for publishers,” yet is in a “bit of a freefall” with falling eCPM (effective cost per thousand impressions) rates resulting from mobile usage outpacing the development of mobile advertising. Clearly Metaresolver is positioning itself as a means of reversing that freefall.

Forget Me Not

One potential mobile advertising problem Metaresolver will not have an easy time resolving is an apparent difficulty on the part of consumers to remember what they see in mobile ads. As reported by TheNextWeb, a recent survey of UK smartphone owners by mobile ad solution provider Azullo shows that mobile ad “impressions” often last only as long as a consumer is actually viewing the ad. Almost eight in 10 respondents (79%) could not recall any specific mobile ad from the past six months, and more than half (53%) could not recall any brands, products or services they saw in a mobile ad in the past six months. And a mere 14% of smartphone owners who actually remembered a brand, product or service from a mobile ad said the ad made them more likely to make a purchase, and 81% said advertisers don’t make enough effort to reach out to mobile consumers.

While poor targeting is undoubtedly part of the reason for these results, TheNextWeb also blames generally bad quality of mobile ad graphics and resolution and the intrusive way advertisers place them as major culprits. And they are probably right. Metaresolver can aim mobile advertisers at the right target, but cannot offer real help if the advertisers fire duds.