As measured by ad impressions, Apple is the leading mobile device manufacturer at 31 percent, Samsung is second with 24 percent, and all others are in single digits. That ranking is among the findings in the November Mobile Mix report from Millennial Media

The Mobile Device Index report is based on tens of billions of ad impressions delivered by mobile ad platform company Millennial Media during Q3. Apple and Samsung’s portion of total ad impressions has grown in each quarter this year, reflecting their growing position as makers of popular smartphones.

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Good Sign for RIM?

The report found HTC in third place with about 8 percent of total impressions, Research in Motion ran a hair behind in fourth, Motorola was fifth with nearly 6 percent and LG scored just above 5 percent. The others -- SonyEricsson, Huawei, Nokia, ZTE, Amazon, Sony, Acer, Kyocera and Pantech -- were about 1.5 percent or below in ad impressions. The ranking includes all devices made by that given manufacturer.

The top five smartphones in the Top 20 list displaying the network’s ads are Apple’s iPhone at 16 percent, Samsung Galaxy S with nearly 5 percent, BlackBerry Curve at about 3.5 percent, the Samsung Galaxy 5 with almost 3 percent, and the Samsung Galaxy Ace at about 1.5 percent.

In terms of its position as an ad platform, RIM’s fourth place position as a manufacturer, and the inclusion of four of its BlackBerrys in the Top 20 Mobile Phones, puts it substantially ahead of Windows Phone 8 partner Nokia, and could point to a still-viable future for the struggling device maker. Nokia had none in the Top 20 devices, a situation that Millennial Media noted could change with the new Lumia Windows Phone 8 smartphones, including the popular 920.

Top Five Tablets

In terms of smartphones, feature phones and non-phone connected devices, such as tablets, the company found that smartphones continue to absorb the lion’s share of impressions, with three quarters in the third quarter this year and nearly the same amount for the same quarter in 2011. But, reflecting the growth in tablets, non-phone connected devices have increased their share by 6 percent in the third quarter, to 20 percent.

The top five tablets serving the network’s ad impressions were the Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Amazon Kindle Fire, Acer Iconia and Motorola Xoom. The first three were also among the Top 20 mobile devices using Millennial Media’s platform.

As for operating systems, Android is used on devices taking half of all impressions, with Apple’s iOS having 34 percent. BlackBerry and Windows are 8 percent and 5 percent respectively, and Nokia’s quickly-fading Symbian has 1 percent. The company noted that, a mobile generation or two ago in the third quarter of 2010, iOS at 50 percent was twice that of Android, and BlackBerry-based devices accounted for 18 percent of Millennial’s ad impressions.

Applications tied to ad impressions maintained roughly the same distribution in third quarter as the previous period, with the order being games, music & entertainment, communications, mobile social media, productivity & tools, sports, books & reference, weather, news and dating. A key difference is that communications apps, including social media chat, video calling and alternative SMS services, moved to third place from fifth.