Mobile App of the Week: Credit Card Scanning with Netswipe

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For this week’s Mobile App of the Week we look at Netswipe for Android, an app that turns a smartphone into a credit card reader.

In the world of e-Commerce, the credit card is king. Although there are services, such as Interac online and Paypal, the majority of websites still require a credit card number in order for customers to purchase an item. With this in mind, customers have to keep their personal credit information safe -- hard to do when you are repeatedly entering card information when making an online purchase.

A Jumio release, NetSwipe aims to improvethe checkout experience with their card scanning software, which according to a blog post on the company's website, can improve customer conversion by 20 percent, allowing customers to make it through the checkout process in less time.

With the Netswipe technology, consumers can shorten checkout time to 5 seconds when scanning a card, compared with nearly one minute when they have to manually enter their credit card number,” says the Netswipe website. “Merchants typically see only one-half of all mobile transactions completed at checkout through traditional methods but Jumio’s simple card scanning option surpasses consumer expectations for quick and streamlined mobile experiences, dramatically increasing the ratio to completion.”

The company also states that the application has the ability to deter fraud by being able to determine if a card is fake, as these cards don't have embossed numbers.

How does Netswipe Work?

After signing up for a Netswipe account, users merely have to choose the Netswipe option at the checkout and scan their card, a process that is very similar to that of CamCard, a business card reading application.

The pulled information includes the type of card, card number and expiration date, while the optional CVV or CVC code has to be typed in. In case there are any problems when scanning the card, users can also choose to enter the information manually. Once a purchase is complete the information is discarded.

Learning Opportunities


Supported cards include VISA, Mastercard and American Express.


As the Android version was only just released today, Netswipe isn't yet available in the Google Play store, but can be downloaded via the official Netswipe website. Once there, users can also find versions of the app available for the iPhone and iPad. Applications for the Windows Phoneand Blackberry are expected to follow soon. There is also a computer based version of the application, which uses a webcam as the scanning device.

Final Thoughts

Despite a few initial errors in scanning, Netswipe is a relatively easy to use application that can prove to be a beneficial tool for both consumers and businesses. On the consumer side of things, customers won’t have to worry about pressing the wrong key or inserting the wrong information and they will leave their purchasing experience much happier.