Mobile App of the Week: Marketing Automation with Panvista

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In keeping with the February theme of marketing automation, our mobile app of the week is Panvista, a platform that helps businesses create mobile apps.

Marketing Automation and Panvista

As the self-proclaimed “world’s first” mobile marketing automation provider, Panvista's focus is on marketing solutions, strategy advice and resources to B2B companies and is based around three interconnected viewpoints -- Grow Awareness, Identify and Analyze, Nurture.

In other words, businesses make their brands known through promotional means, such as product pages and social media accounts, while trying to identify a target audience through engagement. Then, with analytics and push notifications, businesses decide what areas need more work.In addition to Panvista's marketing automation tools, there is also a company blog that posts industry events and provides advice on B2B marketing and marketing automation.

The Panvista Mobile Application Platform

With its mobile marketing platform, Panvistahelps users create apps for Blackberry, iOS and Android that engage with and convert potentialand current customers while exporting and tracking prospect reads, shares and bookmarks into the marketing automation and CRM platform. Panvista’s software also allows companies to create ROI with in-app analytics and lead nurturing.

Some of the tools that Panvista users have access to include:

  • Web-based Content Management System: With this tool, users have control over the content included in their app. Users can also add an RSS feed, an automatic updating feature, and add CSV files within a quick search database.
  • Geo-Targeted Content: Users can tap into customer location and app content can be customized.
  • Instant Social Sharing: Customers who use a Panvista created app canshare contacts easily across social platforms like Facebook and Twitter.


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The Panvista Web CMS

Learning Opportunities

Success Can Be Measured Differently

Unlike previous mobile apps of the week, Panvista allows users to rely on their own apps to improve relationships with clients and customers. It will show a company or business its popularity from the amount of downloads it has, and gives the company an option to update features according to customer response and engagement.

While there isn't any feedback on the quality of the Panvista platform, there are a few applications that have been released under the Panvista banner. They include:

  • Paul Hastings: A law firm. Its app allows users to find market insights and news on the firm as well as general information and staff biographies. The Paul Hastings app is available for iOS and Blackberry users.
  • EventME: An app that allows users to schedule, monitor and manage a conference from the early stages of planning to after the event. EventMe is available to iOS, Android and Blackberry users.

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An EventME screenshot from Google Play.

There are currently six apps in the iTunes store, eleven in Blackberry World and three in Google Play.

If you’re a company that’s looking for an alternative to some of the more ‘classic’ forms of digital marketing and marketing automation, than perhaps looking at a tool like Panvista is something that should be considered.