Mobile Event Tracking Debuts from Digital Marketing Startup SocialClicks
Managing campaigns across mobile devices and social media is an area that has no shortage of tools, so we'll go ahead and pile on yet another. Social marketing startup SocialClicks has announced a mobile event tracking system it hopes will be the go to tool of choice for Facebook marketing.

Understanding User Behavior

It's one thing to measure conversions, but SocialClicks is interested in providing businesses with a tool that measures post conversion qualities that can be customized for individual Facebook apps or games. Defined goals can be created for measuring engagement in a particular app, making tracking that much more precise. SocialClicks contends this can help scale campaigns and track costs based on measuring user value.

Knowing precisely how customers interact with a product is indeed a valuable insight, and even though this is a new feature, SocialClicks is already having some success based on its core business. The company has doubled in size over that last six months, and is moving to partner with firms like HasOffers on features like its latest update.

Facebook Optimization + Targeting

SocialClicks focuses on the ever growing, ever changing Facebook world, and it offers its tools as a self service offering or as part of a managed services package. The company offers help with choosing Facebook campaigns for particular needs, serving ads to targeted audiences, multivariate testing and of course, related analytics and reports.

With its mobile tracking now in place, SocialClicks hopes it can take advantage of the explosive growth in Facebook mobile advertising. Facebook reported advertising earnings of US$ 1.25 billion in Q1 2013, and 30% of that came from mobile. Additionally, there are now one million advertisers on Facebook, a huge number even if there are close to a billion people using Facebook already.

With that many companies vying for customer attention, SocialClicks is going to have to continue innovating if it wants to stand out.