Valentine's Day comes but once a year, but our love of all things social, mobile, local is something we talk about every day. There is no better day to show our love for those that make it all possible. This Valentine's Day we salute you!

Let Me Count the Ways...


Mobile Worker

Many think you work in your pajamas all day, but the truth is you're juggling smartphones, tablet devices and your laptop from the road, up in the air and at your son's soccer game. While the traditional work day doesn't exist for a lot of us, for you it never existed.

You don't get to eat cake during the office birthday celebration, nor do you get to steal office supplies. On the flip side, you've never had to clean our the officer refrigerator and when you sit through conference calls, you get to finish your laundry.

The mobile worker doesn't just work remotely, they help make companies more productive. Whether it's finding better ways to communicate, collaborate on documents or streamline business transactions, the mobile worker is instrumental to making employees more efficient wherever they are.

SharePoint Project Manager

You live, breathe, and work with SharePoint all day. Some people think that it was your idea to implement it within the company and for that you must keep a low profile. In reality, however, you're just the guy who's in charge of making sure that employees are getting the most from SharePoint.

You're also tasked with helping to develop best practices, governance strategies and data classification policies. You go to a lot of conferences to get your confidence built up, only to have it shot down during your brown bag SharePoint lunches. And yet, you do it all with a smile.

Community Manager

There is no definitive start or end to your day. It's one long, never ending emotional roller coaster of wants and needs. You're a real life Mary Poppins problem solver.

Whether you're answering questions about a product's durability or referring customers to a service representative or collaborating with team members to showcase their efforts, a community manager never has the same day twice. But somehow it's all worthwhile when someone posts a positive review or you're able to show off success metrics.

Members of the C-Suite

Why can't anyone see that you're not your like those stuffy suits on TV? You're a softer, kinder senior executive. You may have an MBA, but you graduated from a liberal arts college. You listen. You wander the halls to talk to your team members, you have an iPhone and a Google Nexus tablet, you're on the cutting edge, yet demonstrate practicality.

You still think Office Space is a funny movie. You're job title didn't exist ten years ago and yet you're expected to know it all. You empower your employees, but understand the impact of strong executive leadership. Best of all, you remember what it was like to be an new or junior level employee, so you're careful not to kill their creativity or passion.

Information Technologist

Your desk hasn't been in the basement in years. You're actually well known and respected by your peers. At meetings, you do your best not to make snarky remarks when others ask you how long the new SharePoint update will take. You're helpful and actually like helping people. You have a much larger team now and are invited to strategic software planning meetings before the project even begins. You single-handedly saved the email server from crashing the other day and no one was the wiser. Go on, put your feet up on your desk and celebrate.

Feel the Love

Thanks to all the workers, managers, leaders and innovators who help keep companies moving along. If you're among them, take a moment to soak in the love. If you work with them, take a moment to show a little love or appreciation. Is there someone on your team you'd like to acknowledge? Share the love in the comments or post to Twitter using #GeekLove.