Social intelligence provider Mzinga has debuted a customizable platform for addressing targeted audiences at a deeper social level called OmniSocial Engaged.

It's a suite of features that can integrate into existing systems or be a standalone product for better search and meaningful experiences with analytics and reporting for better insight.

Engage with Customers

Creating better customer experiences is about how people feel. Can they find what they are looking for on your website? Do they get rewarded for being involved and even helping others? Online groups like enthusiasts, for example, will benefit from these kinds of features, but they are also good for improving customer support. 

Retailers or service providers need as many ways as they can get to make support less painful, and one of those ways is to offer a self-service solution. This can include things like Facebook Page integrations, website widgets or full blown customized websites.


Multiple solutions are included with OmniSocial Engaged, and that means better targeting and happier customers.

OmniSocial Features

OmniSocial combines multiple solutions to meet these customer engagement challenges. Community managers and moderators can take advantage of things like banned and watch word filters, user permissions and a moderation queue dashboard. Additionally, managing content can be automated for removing harmful content and enforcing Terms of Service.

Learning Opportunities

The product includes gamification elements, allowing companies to assign badges and reward icons for top contributors, engaged members or influential members to give customers incentives. Mzinga has been going down this road for some time now, and offering more personalized experiences is what the company is all about. That's important because at least one recent study has found companies see a lack of quality social business analytic products in the market. 

That is particularly true of hard to measure things like ROI, sentiment analysis and identifying influencers. However companies are engaging customers, making support and search less painful are always welcome, even if the entire industry sill needs more fine tuning.

OmniSocial Engaged is available now, and pricing is available on request.