Netbiscuits Wins Further Funding for Mobile HTML5 Play

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Netbiscuits and its mobile development platform are more in demand as the smartphone and tablet boom continues, tempting investors who have put another $27 million behind the company. 

Heading to A HTML5 Future?

For some high-profile sites and apps, only native code will do, but there is a huge army of coders, companies and users that are happy with a app or mobile web port of their existing web product. Netbiscuits has been hosting many thousands of these products for some high-profile clients and is expanding fast.  

To support that expansion, enter US$ 27 million worth of new funding from the likes of Stripes Group, T-Venture and Creathor, with the German-heavy nature of the investment hinting at the origins of this now globally successful company. The additional cash will be used for marketing and R&D as the company looks to expand both business and consumer offerings. 

With the company's BiscuitsML code and components enabling development on any phone or device, Netbiscuits should be an ideal solution for those who don't have the time or resources to focus on a native service or app for each OS. 

In The World of Responsive Design

With responsive design becoming an increasingly important factor in helping to overcome the myriad of mobile devices formats and screen sizes (iPad Mini and Microsoft Surface anyone?), the more a company like Netbiscuits can do to simplify things the better. 

Learning Opportunities

And, if Microsoft does get a major foothold in the mobile space, having three different platforms to work to could become too much effort for even large developers. So, HTML5 seems like the logical solution, allowing write-once-deploy-anywhere code with a minimum of fuss. 

Recent improvements in the world of Netbiscuits include: a new Application Management API that allows for easy and secure integration of the its cloud platform into existing company IT administration and development environments.

Netbiscuits Accelerated is a new feature that integrates with popular content delivery network providers to help enterprises reduce load times for rich media files. While coders will benefits from improvements to the integrated development environment plug-ins, enabling developers to build rich web interfaces across multiple platforms faster.

These and other improvements could see Netbiscuits relevance appeal to more and more codeshops as the net moves further towards a mobile-first mindset. 

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