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Spring is here, and news is sprouting. This week: "blended data" for marketers, accountability in Facebook brand posts, Woodwing's version 9.2 of Enterprise, Qstream's new features and Slideshark's expansion to more platforms.

Blending Data for More Insights

The good news for marketers is that social media is generating lots of social data. The bad news: there's so much of the data, it's unstructured and some of it comes from bots.

To help out, two companies are joining forces. Alteryx, which offers "data blending" and advanced analytics, and DataSift, an enterprise social data platform, announced this week a product integration that will be delivered in the next version of the Alteryx analytics platform.

Tim Barker, DataSift's Chief Product Officer, said in a statement that his company's platform "transforms massive unstructured social data into useable, structured data, enabling Alteryx to easily blend it with other enterprise data," the results of which can then be analyzed and turned into actionable intelligence.

An example of "blended data": social data combined with loyalty program and Point of Sale data to determine if there's a connection and, should there be one, what the return might be from social marketing.

Author Credits on Facebook's Business Pages

Facebook recently updated its Business Pages, so that the name of the author of a post is published under the company name. The credit, which is only seen by other admins and not by the general public, is displayed whether the post was made from Facebook or a third-party app.

Ken Wisnefski, founder/CEO of online marketing agency Webimax, pointed out to CMSWire that this small change will make "the posts more accountable." He said this will lessen the possibility, for instance, that a brand will be embarrassed by an anonymous post in its name.

Wisnefski noted that "at least two people," and sometimes more, have access to a social media account, and they can be from both the brand and the marketing agency. But now their posts will be distinguishable and posters will have to own up to their postings.

Woodwing Updates Enterprise Publishing System

The Netherlands-based Woodwing has released version 9.2 of its multi-channel publishing system Enterprise Server. The key enhancement is a connector for WordPress, which lets publishers use the popular service as another channel for publishing.

In Enterprise, WordPress content can also be readily reused in other venues, such as social media, mobile or other CMSs. Properties across a number of files can more easily be edited at once, such as updating copyright information across assets. Users of InDesign and InCopy can now access content directly from Enterprise, including searching, browsing, and opening layouts, and there's now official support of InDesign CC and InCopy CC.


A screen from version 9.2 of Woodwing's Enterprise publishing system

Qstream Adds Features to Its Learning Platform

Qstream has released enhancements to its cloud-based, game-based learning platform for improving sales effectiveness. The updates include a new "lightning round" delivery mode, expanded team competitions, more extensive management reports, new social collaboration, an API-based enterprise integration, a new look and feel and localization for 10 languages.

Originally developed at Harvard Medical School to improve long-term knowledge retention for medical students, the platform uses an "interval reinforcement methodology" for mobile delivery. It attempts to counter the natural forgetting process after something is learned by reinforcing the learning over set periods of time.

Slideshark Gets More Platforms

The folks at Brainshark have been busy. Last week, we mentioned the cloud-based service for business presentations had launched an integration with Salesforce, and in January they added an Analytics Dashboard and packaged clouds for sales, marketing and learning presentations.

This week, the Waltham, Massachusetts-based company is announcing the launch of SlideShark Anywhere. This service, which allows users to access, share, track and display PowerPoints from the cloud, is now available for Windows 8 tablets, Windows PCs and Macs, instead of only iOS devices.