News Bites Universal Analytics AntiAd Fraud and More

News Bites: Universal Analytics, Anti-Ad Fraud and More

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And now, the news. This week, Google released enterprise level Universal Analytics, Apperian released an API, BrandAds targeted video ad fraud and ClickBank unveiled version 3.0.

Plus, there's a new Drupal to Adobe DPS tool, Appboy Academy opens and HTML5-built OX Spreadsheet takes to the cloud.

Google Releases Universal Analytics

Google's Universal Analytics is now out of beta and ready for primetime. Designed for large enterprises, UA is designed to go beyond the company's ordinary Analytics — Analytics Premium and Mobile App Analytics — to provide a single view of multi-device tracking, sync data across marketing channels, customize metrics and allow companies to integrate their own datasets via an application programming interface (API).

A Unique User ID feature enables anonymous tracking of unique users across devices and sessions. Without this feature enabled, a search on a phone, a purchase on a laptop and a request for customer service on a tablet — each on a separate day – would be counted as three unique actions. With ID enabled, UA can determine if these actions were all by the same user.

Launched as a beta last October, UA is available as part of Premium service level agreement. (For a more detailed look at Universal Analytics, see our story on "Universal Winds of Change for Google Analytics.")

Google Universal Analytics screenshot.jpg

A screenshot from Google's Universal Analytics

Apperian Adds an API

Apperian, which offers a platform for managing enterprise mobile apps, is out with an API.

The Boston-based company prides itself on its openness, claiming it has "the only solution in the enterprise mobility management market with a fully extensible platform that makes it easy for partners and customers" to integrate with their existing infrastructure.

Over a dozen partnering companies have announced integration with Apperian, including IBM Worklight, Appcelerator, Mobiquity, Xamarin, iFactr, AnyPresence and ViziApps.

BrandAds Wants to Fight Fraud

One of the biggest issues in online ads is fraud. For video ads, that can mean placement of video ads into banners or non-viewable placements instead of as intended pre-rolls.

This week, BrandAds released version 2.0 of its Bridge platform. It describes the new version as "the world's first and only cross-platform video ad server with real-time fraud detection, audience measurement, effectiveness research and social monitoring built in."

Version 2.0 includes metrics such as video player size, traffic quality and viewability that are designed to help sniff out fraud as well as ineffective ad spends. Additionally, whitelists and blacklists can be quickly generated and media budgets can be reallocated in mid-flight.

Version 2.0 offers over 30 metrics, including brand lift, gross rating point and demographics, the latter which draws on audience data from more than 1.2 million unique video viewers in the US.

ClickBank Launches 3.0

ClickBank, which provides e-commerce, sales and marketing for digital goods and educational content, has launched version 3.0 of its platform. The new version features an Affiliate Finder for matching online merchants with affiliates, a new subscription management system, customizable order forms and a new look and feel.

The customizable order forms are designed to help a seller keep a consistent brand presence and the subscription management system is targeted at sellers of lifestyle content in such areas as health and wellness, relationships and wealth creation. A new automatic upsell capability automatically recommends related digital products after a purchase has been completed, based on the platform's historical data.

Brandworkz' Internal Social Collaboration Module

Social communities have become popular within companies as well as externally. This week, London-based Brandworkz unveiled an internal Social Collaboration module for its marketing and brand management platform.

The module allows companies to build an internal community so teams can align their efforts and share information through a blog and a listing of teams. The blog resides within the Brandworkz platform, is reached via its navigation and utilizes its digital asset management system for the automatic resizing of images for posts. An approval process can require management's approval before posts or comments are displayed and there is a permanent archiving option.

Learning Opportunities

Adobe DPS to Drupal Tool

If you want to upload Web content from the Drupal open source CMS to Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (Enterprise Edition) as HTML articles, New York City-based interactive technology agency DPCI has the tool for you.

Called DPSBridge, the open source Drupal module allows organizations to create folios for Adobe DPS apps right from Drupal source content. It also compares each Drupal article with the folio version, determines if it is in sync and allows for updating if it is not.

Appboy Academy At Your Service

Need help with some mobile marketing task? Appboy Academy to the rescue! The Academy is now officially up, offering experts with technical and mobile marketing skills. Previously, only enterprise clients of Appboy, a provider of marketing automation products for mobile apps, had access to these services.

Besides experts, the Academy also offers videos and information about implementation, creating a first campaign with push marketing, in app messaging and more.

OX Spreadsheet in the Cloud


OX Spreadsheet

Members of the original team that created OpenOffice, an open source alternative to the Microsoft Office Suite, are now out with a spreadsheet that was built with HTML5 and the cloud in mind.

Called OX Spreadsheet, this cloud-based spreadsheet is available through any HTML5-compliant browser, is compatible with Microsoft Office and OpenOffice and adds to the growing OX App Suite.

The company says it is "the first browser based spreadsheet app that can read and write native spreadsheet files without losing their original file format or detail." Additionally, users can edit shared Excel files with the Excel app installed. Multi-user collaboration on the same file can be set up with exclusive editing rights.

Images from Google and Open-Xchange