Nielsen Breaks Into CXM with New Listening Platform

Customer experience management is about to get a lot more interesting, with some help from global market research and insights company, Nielsen.

The company has partnered with ResponseTek, a provider of customer experience management (CEM) software, to create a new customer experience solution – the Nielsen Listening Platform.

“This new solution brings together the depth of insight and understanding that Nielsen can bring, with what we believe is the leading platform to gather customer information and feedback,” Paul Fitzpatrick, vice president of global sales for ResponseTek, told CMSWire.

"What we’ve seen with clients throughout the world is that they are working from a market research perspective. They are lacking the capability to act on insights with the timeliness that the client expects. Nielsen and ResponseTek, together, can bring a complete and more effective solution to the end client.”

How It Works


The new platform will collect and measure customer feedback in real time, providing data and insights via dashboards to key staff throughout the organization – from the C-suite, down through customer-facing representatives.

Automated alerts and workflow management features allow the platform to manage any corrective actions that must be taken with the customer, resulting in operational improvements.

Users of the platform will also have access to benchmarking data and best practices to see how they stack up to the competition.

Fitzpatrick said there were two main drivers behind the decision to partner with Nielsen: big data and an increasingly competitive market.

Big Data

“Our clients are collecting a tremendous amount of data,” said Fitzpatrick. “There is an increasing appetite on the part of our clients to get more value out of that data.”

He explained that ResponseTek collects data that directly reflects customer sentiment and input, while Nielsen – through leadership in market research and customer insight – collects complementary data on trends and preferences.

“We are bringing those trends together,” he said. “There is a growing understanding on the part of companies that merging that data is valuable.”

Increased Competitiveness

The Nielsen Listening Platform will target three industries: banking, retail and telecommunications. Fitzpatrick noted that, because these industries are “incredibly competitive,” there is a rising expectation for excellent service by their customers.

As a result, companies in these industries are willing to make targeted investments to leverage big data in much smarter ways, he said.

Explosion of Growth 

He added that there is an explosion of growth relative to more mature markets in areas like mobile, especially in the Middle East and Asia Pacific – two of the four markets in which the platform is currently available. North Africa and Pakistan are the other two markets.

“Companies in these markets are looking at the type of capabilities they need in this incredible growth period,” said Fitzpatrick. “Their need to put in place robust processes and systems is a key driver leading them to invest in more urgency in the area of customer experience management.”

This is not necessarily the case in markets like Europe and North America, he added, which is why the two companies will be focusing those four key markets in the near future.

“The market in these areas is right for this offering, based on feedback from clients,” said Fitzpatrick. “We’ll be quite busy in servicing that large part of the world.”
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