Now Tumblr Loses Friend-Finding Feature Via Twitter

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 As Twitter does more to secure its APIs and market share, as well as compete with rivals, another service has lost the ability for its users to find their friends using the micro-blogger's userbase. 

Falling Out of the Twitter Tree Fast

In the name of security and building its own brand, Twitter is limiting the access that other services and companies can access its most valuable asset, the user database. Recently, Instagram users found they could no longer find friends via the service, the loss of that feature for Tumblr users is probably a little less traumatic, but still unwelcome nonetheless. 

Commenting on the loss, Tumblr said, "To our dismay, Twitter has restricted our users’ ability to 'Find Twitter Friends' on Tumblr. Given our history of embracing the Twitter platform, this is especially upsetting. Our syndication feature is responsible for hundreds of millions of tweets."

Changing the Tune

Following recent changes, Twitter is clearly looking on how to tighten the service up, but at the moment it is not making any friends with these enforcements. Expect more services to get the friend-finding chop as Twitter firms up its new APIs and decides how it lets others use Twitter features.

Learning Opportunities

Perhaps monetizing the friend-finder feature is something the company's may be considering, but for users who are heavily into Twitter, it limits their ability to bring friends along to new services they are using. Meanwhile, Tumblr and the other services can still rely on Facebook and Google account links to find friends.

Will users find Twitter less essential as a result of these changes? Probably not. And, with Twitter trying to drive users to its own site, to witness whatever marketing and advertising methods it plans, it will be playing against its former friends in worse ways. 


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