Sure, Android is king of the worldwide hill as the most used mobile platform. But iOS is laughing all the way to the bank. A new report from Opera Mediaworks indicates that the iPhone has retaken the lead for traffic volume, while iOS continues to be on top overall for traffic and for making money. 

In its State of Mobile Advertising report for Q1 2013, Opera finds that the iPhone has regained the lead over Android phones for advertising “impression volume.”  The report bases its stats on the company’s mobile ad platforms -– AdMarvel, Mobile Theory, 4th Screen Advertising and Opera Mediaworks Performance -- which cumulatively represent more than 50 billion ad impressions and over 12,000 mobile apps and sites, reaching 300 million consumers worldwide.

Nearly Double Revenue

In the first quarter, iOS took 44.53% of traffic, compared to 31.26% by Android. When broken down by smartphones, however, Apple barely edged out -- 31.91% to Android phones’ 30.22%. The difference for Apple, as one might expect, is in the category-leading iPad, which took 6.54 percent. Android tablets represent only slightly more than 1 percent. In addition, Apple's iPod Touch took 6.07 percent.

Opera - iOS - Android.png

Mobile traffic, from Opera's Q1 2013 State of Mobile Advertising report

By revenue, the iPhone was clearly ahead, representing 34.24%, compared to 26.24% for Android phones -- essentially, the entire revenue stream for Android, since Android tablets are under 1 percent. But revenue for Apple’s iPad and iPod Touch brought iOS’s total percentage of revenue to nearly half – 49.23% – nearly twice that of Android’s 26.72% total.

The iPad constitutes 12.60% of iOS’s revenue, overwhelming Android tablet’s meager 0.49 percent. RIM and Symbian were each in single digits for both traffic and revenue.

Here Comes Europe

The report noted that, while Android phones had edged out the iPhone at the end of last year, Apple’s phone has retaken the lead. Opera also noted that, for the first time, “we are specifically singling out Android tablets as they grow to a small but noticeable share of the market,” even though its revenue share is less than half of one percent.

Samsung’s S III phones are growing strength in traffic share, representing 11% of all Android traffic, a 2% increase from last quarter. The report noted that it “anxiously” awaits the impact of the new S IV.

The majority of ad requests and impression volume are originating in the U.S., accounting for 50.69%, but the report pointed out that traffic from Europe is growing. The U.S.’s percent was about 60% at the end of the last quarter, but traffic from Europe is accelerating “at a breakneck pace.” The 21.55% of requests from Europe is up from the 14.61% last quarter, and nearly two-thirds comes from five countries -- the U.K., Italy, Germany, France and Spain. The Asia-Pacific region is third at 14.25%, and other regions are in single digits.