Oracle has brought together all of its social capabilities under one unified interface -- because social can't be done in silos.

What better thing to do at the big kick off to SXSW today then to announce a new cloud offering for social? That's what Oracle thought (although the timing was purely coincidental according to Erika Brookes, VP, product management, Social Platform at Oracle). 

Social Relationship Management

There are any number of social monitoring and marketing tools available now to choose from. But it can be hard, or maybe complicated is a better word, to manage several different applications providing different views of a brands social interactions.


Brooks told me that Oracle's new Social Relationship Management (SRM) product is a one stop shop for monitoring, managing, creating, publishing and analyzing social content. As part of the Social Relationship Management Suite, SRM offers a unified interface, with single-sign, to all Oracle's social applications, including in house created solutions,  and acquired apps Vitrue, Collective Intellect, and Involver solutions.

These products will continue to be available as standalone offerings, but through SRM they are brought together under a new interface and with some additional capabilities:

  • Workflow: New workflow and automation capabilities enable brands to work with content across channels, collaborate within teams, departments and track action items.
  • Listening & Analytics: Brings together all information across all conversations into a signal view, eliminating duplicate information. This single view enables brands to make better decisions.

In addition, SRM includes extended language support, so global organizations can manage local content. And of course, this is a cloud offering, available in the Oracle Cloud.

Integration with CRM, Digital Marketing

SRM does not stand completely alone. Oracle offers integration with its other customer experience offerings. This includes Oracle Eloqua, Oracle RightNow Cloud Service, Oracle Fusion CRM and Oracle CRM. The key point here is again is that social doesn't happen in a silo and for brands to make the right decisions, they need all information available in a way that helps them understand the customer's needs.

Maximizing the Investment in Social

According to Brooks, brands are past building audiences and are now thinking about how to maximize that audience.

Said Oracle SVP Product Development Reggie Bradford on the Oracle social blog:

All of the above pieces of the puzzle are offered in various combinations by various vendors. But to truly lay the groundwork for the socially enabled enterprise, each must have the capacity to be fully and functionally integrated not just with each other, but also with Social Sales, Social Commerce, Social HR, and other such enterprise concerns.

True integration streamlines the enterprise, increases efficiencies, empowers marketing, drives sales, enhances the customer experience, builds brands, and positions you to quickly capitalize on future rapid innovations in social (and they’re all rapid).

I think regardless of the size of your enterprise, you need to be able to eliminate silos of customer data if you are going to build a viable customer experience. Now I didn't get to see the interface for Oracle SRM, so I can't tell you it's exactly what you need. But if you are looking for a way to get a better handle on all your social interactions, you can't ignore products like SRM or Adobe Social (which similar capabilities).

Image Courtesy of VLADGRIN (Shutterstock)