Oracle Combines ATG, Endeca Products into Oracle Commerce

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Oracle is combining two of its products, Oracle ATG Commerce and Oracle Endeca, into a single solution called Oracle Commerce. The new Commerce is designed to centrally manage customer engagement strategies, provide personalized user experiences and offer scalability that can meet demands.

Oracle Commerce, the company said in a white paper on its Web site, “changes the game for online retail” by providing “a unified, end-to-end commerce solution that delivers more targeted, lucrative cross-channel experiences while simplifying management, accelerating time to value, and reducing total cost of ownership.”

ATG, Endeca

Commerce provides a Data Integration Module to unify data that had been separately housed in ATC and Endeca systems. The company said that ATG has been leveraged to create and define sites, data and content, including multisite infrastructures, collection of session data, product catalog management, pricing and management of customer profiles.

Endeca is utilized for the placement, contextual delivery and refinement of customer experiences across channels. Data and content from ATG are employed to provide cross-channel experiences, and Endeca’s tools are used for page management and layout, content placement and dynamic delivery of content and personalization to the customer.

Oracle Commerce provides pre-built components for quick launches of websites via a site creation wizard, which allows for integration of channels. A cross-channel strategy can be centrally managed, and granular control is offered over guided navigation, search, merchandising, content-targeting and personalization.

Learning Opportunities

The company said that Commerce can utilize existing customer experience technology that a business might have, integrating such tools as analytics, CRM or a recommendations engine.

Customer Service, Help, Recommendations

In November of 2010, Oracle acquired Art Technology Group (ATG), a provider of e-commerce software and related optimization applications. In October, 2011, Oracle bought Endeca, which provided solutions for unstructured data management, Web commerce and business intelligence.

The combined Oracle Commerce also includes Oracle’s Web Commerce Customer Service, Live Help on Demand and Recommendations on Demand.

Web Commerce Customer Service integrates contacts with customers across channels, and Help provides a suite of live voice, chat and email tools that are designed to reduce abandonment of shopping carts, increase conversion rates and upsell products. The Recommendations app offers tailored recommendations that are intended to address a shopper’s perceived needs at a given time, matched with the company’s marketing strategy.