Oracle Eloqua AppCloud Moves to Open Marketing Community Topliners
Oracle is moving its Eloqua AppCloud marketing automation system to an open marketing community site called Topliners, and it allows marketers access to apps, but also the ability to track, share and discuss them.

Topliners Community for Marketers

Topliners is a community site for discussing, tracking and sharing marketing tips and trends, and because so many AppCloud users were already using Topliners anyway, Oracle is moving the AppCloud there. Eloqua built Topliners using Jive Software technology, and the site allows marketers to explore new ideas, and perhaps maybe even become an Eloqua customer.

As an open system, Eloqua encourages people to discuss marketing ideas on the site, even if those people aren't customers, Dave Michaud, head of product marketing at Eloqua said in an interview. There's 11,000 registered users on Topliners, and over 90% of Eloqua customers use at least one app from the AppCloud, so this move just marries those groups together.

AppCloud Connector + Data Feeder Apps

Eloqua AppCloud apps aren't the kind of apps that are built on top of Eloqua, Michaud said. Rather, they serve as connectors to other services, and data feeders for bringing in more personal information on people that can then be used for targeting and segmentation.



Apps are free in the AppCloud, but some providers, like WebEx, may charge a fee for their services.

The most popular app in the AppCloud is YouTube, and it allows marketers to plug videos into an email, for example, simply by dragging and dropping it into Eloqua. This would be an example of a connector app. A WebEx app, on the other hand, would be an example of a data feeder app. Marketers using this app could learn more about people who sign into a webinar, for example, and then leave after 30 minutes. 

That person's info could then be fed into Eloqua to help in retargeting that person in the future. The second most popular app is Twitter share, and third most popular is LinkedIn share, Michaud said. Apps are mostly not built by Eloqua, Michaud explained, but by third parties who build them on behalf of a client who is an Eloqua customer, for example.

Besides the AppCloud itself, Topliners also integrates technology from Bunchball for increasing usage overall, Michaud said, a strategy that has indeed paid off. There are over 100 apps in the AppCloud that Topliners visitors can peruse, and that means they can discuss the apps and keep up on what other marketers are up to. They don't have to be Eloqua customers to browse the apps, only for activating them.

People who use Eloqua tend to be passionate about marketing, Michaud said, and it shows on Topliners wher they discuss and track the apps. Overall, Eloqua is pretty much integrated with Oracle now, Michaud said, and the company will be sharing more about its plans September 22 through September 26 during the annual OpenWorld conference. There's also an Eloqua Experience conference in October that will focus more on digital marketing specifically. We'll be at both of those conferences, so let us know in the comments if you'll be at either one, too.