PageLever, a company that provides analytics tools for Facebook has announced PageLever Now, a tool which allows engagement analytics to be displayed in real-time.

Those who use PageLever now have the ability to promptly see how fans are commenting, liking or sharing content from the page. With a variety of graph features, PageLever enables users to manage and monitor a variety of information in real-time and lapsed time.

  • As with the earlier version of PageLever, there are graphs that give users the chance to trace fan activity over a span of 48 hours, to see what posts were most popular.
  • A real time graph will show information about fan engagement without having to wait a a few days. This will give companies the chance to engage with users more efficiently and more quickly on what kind of information is most popular on the page.

Other features in the PageLever Now tool include:

  • Priority Posting: Posts with the most recent activity are at the top of a page. If an administrator recently published a new post, but a comment on an older post followed it, the older post would then be at the top of the page.
  • An Updated Dashboard: The dashboard feature has a sidebar that lists information for each page and who is the administrator on it. It also has a built-in page post publisher calendar that lists when posts are scheduled and an image search.
  • Tagging Posts: Users can tag their posts by categories or campaign names and view analytics from those subgroups.


PageLever Now is available starting at US$ 99 per month.

Insights vs. PageLever

Real-time insights aren't new; companies want information on customer interactions so that they can promote products in a way that relates to the current interaction at the time. If they only have to wait a few moments for this information, they can update their posts and other data more quickly. 

Google introduced their real-time data analytics last Fall, but Facebook has been slower when it comes to updating their system.

Facebook Insights has become a important part of the social media site, as it gives companies a chance to monitor fan interaction and tailor their products and promotions to this feedback. Initially, Facebook Insights was only providing users with feedback from the previous 48 hours; information included how many likes or unlikes went along with a post or how many times the page has been viewed.

Earlier this year, Facebook updated Insights by changing it to a real-time analytic tool. Data could be updated every 5 to 10 minutes, cutting the wait time for new data down from original 48 hours and users could avoid past issues, like spam, by being able to monitor content more quickly.

PageLever initially launched in August 2011 and provided users with a similar set of analytics tools and was seen as an alternative option to Insights. As with Insights, it offered users the ability to analyze API’s and analyze individual types of posts, such as video posts, to see what content was liked, shared and commented on the most. Some of PageLever's initial customers included Microsoft and YouTube, which means not only is PageLever Now a tool for Facebook, but also Insight's competition.