Pinterest marketing and analytics solution, Pinfluencer has rebranded. Now named Piqora, the rebranded company also introduced a new tool: Gallery, a social e-Commerce product.

From Pinfluencer to Piqora

Pinterest updated their business policy last November to increase focus on business users of the site. With this renewed focus, it stated that while they encourage external and third-party sources to create products and services for their network, developers should refrain from using some variation of the Pinterest name.

If you’re creating an app, website, or other service designed to be used with Pinterest, give it a distinctive name. It’s fine to say the product is for use with Pinterest as long as you pick a distinct brand for your product,” say the guidelines.

Founded in 2012, Pinfluencer is designed to help marketers engage with customers over the content sharing website. It appears that in accordance with these policy changes they've changed their name from Pinfluencer to Piqora. Although, according to a statement from the company, they wanted their name to reflect more of what they do.

We have changed our name to Piqora because it is an elegant blend of piquing one’s curiosity and inquiry about products,” said Sharad Verma, CEO of Piqoa. “The new name also implies pictures and the IQ lends itself to deep analysis."

New Name, New Tool

Piqora has a complete suite of products that have analytics, promotional and social e-Commerce capabilities. Along with its new name, Piqora has also launched Gallery, a social e-Commerce tool and automated merchandising engine.

Gallery is a mashup of an e-Commerce site’s product page with a pin board, creating a landing page that features a company’s products that are popular on Facebook and Pinterest. The new feature utilizes the image recognition software that Pinfluencer launched in January to make exact matches between pinned images and the originating site.

In addition to showcasing items and their name, the page also features pricing and links to product pages on the company’s website. The Gallery can be embedded on a webpage or added to a Facebook page as a tab.


As a whole, Gallery is designed to help marketers turn their social traffic into revenue and sales by not only allowing Pinterest users to browse and pin items, but also have a link to a place they can purchase items they are interested in. Piqora then monitors this social activity, search activity, general traffic and purchase data to see how a company should be promoting and presenting their products.

Companies that have already starting using this service include Cost Plus World Market, Overstock and Buckle.

An Outsider’s View

Since it’s 2012 launch as Pinfluencer, Piqora has been received as a well-rounded tool that can help Pinterest users to expand their audience reach, with tools like its promotions platform.

Pinterest can be a powerful tool for businesses to reach their target consumers on a visual level,” said Annie Pilon of Small Business Trends. “A tool like Pinfluencer can help businesses actually understand what is working for them on Pinterest, so that they can make the most out of their social media promotions.”

Regarding the most recent updates, Laurie Sullivan of the Online Media Daily found that this is a step in the right direction for Piqora, as it will make Pinterest even more socially connected.

Eventually the tools will give marketers a sense of what's already trending, and use the data to publish images on Instagram, Flickr and other sites,” she says.