Pinterest has announced that they are improving what the site offers its business users. The content sharing website has released new business centered guides and tools to help these companies promote their brand across the social platform.

Pinterest has been steadily improving their system since moving into the public sphere from an invitation only policy last year. Recently security updates to the system include a  website verification feature and user blocking.

Appealing to the Business Side of Social Media

By adapting a new set of tools Pinterest aims to make the website more appealing to businesses. According to a blog post from Cat Lee, Pinterest’s product manager, the company has instituted some new polices and tools that are geared towards improving their services.

Businesses who wish to use Pinterest merely have to sign up for a business account or convert their current account into a business one. By having a business account, Lee says that content on the website will be optimized to help improve the business customer experience, such as being able to verify their official website and adding key buttons and widgets to an account to improve customer traffic, such has the Pin It Button and the Board Widget.


Learning Opportunities

As way to separate how the site works for the individual persons and businesses, Pinterest has also split their terms of service into one policy for the everyday user and one policy for businesses. Also, as way to ensure that businesses can use Pinterest successfully, the website offers a variety of help guides, which include:

  • Case Studies: Users such as AllRecipes and Etsy have provided information, tips and metrics, so that others businesses can learn from their success.
  • Best Practices: These guides show users how to properly navigate and engage customers through Pinterest.
  • How-to Guides: These guides include the basics of Pinterest, such as a how to use Pin It, to more in depth reports, such as how to properly use Pinterest as a marketing tool.

It’s All About Analytics

The introduction of a more business friendly Pinterest isn't the only business centred news for the content sharing website. Science today has launched HelloInsights, a Pinterest analytics platform that helps users track their company's growth and interactions with customers. This tool joins other Pinterest-centered analytics tools, such as Pinfluencer and Curalate.

A free, leader board based platform, HelloInsights can either be used from Pinterest or the HelloInsights website. Some of the key factors that it tracks for businesses include:

  • Tracking themust influential pinners and ranking pinners based on their overall influence on others.
  • Moderating pin virality.
  • Companies can see their real-time presence through a “Live Pin Stream.”
  • Companies can schedule automatized pins.
  • Companies can create custom charts to see howtheir company compares to its competitors.