Online pin board and popular social network Pinterest has updated its iOS app and is now testing some, as yet, unreleased changes to its website layout.

iPad + iPhone Update


Editing pins and managing comments now available using the Pinterest iOS app.

No other social media site grew like Pinterest in 2012, and even Microsoft launched its own social network with a very similar Pinterest feel. Now iOS users have some new features to enjoy like managing comments and editing pins right from the mobile app.

Scroll performance has been updated, and the new editing feature includes the ability to change a pin's description, move it to another spot on the board or erase the pin altogether. As for the comments, they can now be deleted with the app, and that means fixing typos on one's own comments or deleting spam or flagged comments in a person's own pin.

Testing Requested Features on   

Customers have no doubt been furiously requesting new features or changes to the Pinterest website, and the company is now testing some changes with a small, select audience of pinners. The first planned change is to the site navigation. The company has said it would like this to be more intuitive. Navigation buttons will be removed from the top of the page and placed in a slider bar in the upper left.


New website layout coming to a small audience before a site wide roll out.

Additionally, pins will be larger, and more info will be added to them to make them easier to find. Each pin will have pins from the same board, other boards it was pinned to and other related pins, for example. This move is likely being made simply to prod people into doing more on each pin, clicking around and perusing.