Enterprise Web Content Management provider pTools has released an update for its System6 SaaS Web CMS product which aims to improve user analytics and personalized content.

Improving the User Experience

Managing web content is not a task that can be done easily, so there are a variety of tools available including, Ptools' System6 that are designed to improve the experience. The System6 product, which was released in 2011 is designed to bring together key content management tools from the Ptools application suite, such as learning content management, digital asset management and forms management into a singular platform.

With this update, the product now has improved support for Google Analytics and Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio allowing users to view analytics reports as they simultaneously edit and change content with an aim to improve the overall site visitor experience.

Although there is a continuous emphasis on updates and improvements in the new Content Management Software as a Service business, this release represents a significant coming together of various elements developed in recent months,” said Keith Wood, CEO of pTools. “We are particularly impressed with the powerful analytics delivered to customers as they define content for delivery to their target customer communications channels.”

Other personalization features included in the update are:

  • A/B banner testing for content marketing ideas.
  • A content context tool that allows time and location based content to be sent from a single source across any device, mobile or desktop for the web, extranet or intranet.
  • Granular content targeting and personalization for the membership suite.
  • The ability to retrieve archived visitor and session information with a Content Cabinet storage tool.

Features that continue to be apart of System6 include a SharePoint integration, SEO optimization and meta-tagging, a WYSIWYG editing interface and multi-level navigation for websites, intranets or extranets.


An example of System6

WCM and SaaS

As a company that specializes in the finance, government, security and utility areas, Ptools has most recently introduced a new collection of websites for the Office of the Ombudsman, Office of the Information Commissioner and Office of the Commissioner for Environmental Information in Dublin.

As for product development, the company has been pretty quiet. As was mentioned, their last significant update to the the System6 product was during its initial release in 2011. Although, in October 2012 the company unveiled its SaaS model at the Dublin Web Summit.