Qumu Updates Capture Studio, Delivers HD Video Streaming

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Qumu Updates Capture Studio, Delivers HD Video Streaming
It’s no surprise that video has become an important method of communicating within the enterprise. And yet, according to results of Qumu’s 2012 Survey of Corporate Communicators, four out of five corporate communicators say it is difficult to communicate with coworkers when they are out of the office.

Capture, Stream & Share

To help companies produce studio quality webcasts that can be streamed live to any number of people in HD, Qumu has announced a significant update to their Capture Studio video capture and streaming appliance. 

The QCS, which supports a wide variety of streaming standards, has added support for a host of new ones, including Microsoft’s Smooth Streaming and Apple’s HTTP Live Streaming (HLS). In addition, users can also control multiple Panasonic multi-purpose HD PTZ cameras with user-friendly presets.

Other technical specifications of the update include the ability to connect to up to 4 HD-SDI sources, three analog video sources, four audio sources, and a VGA capture computer source.

Enabling a Mobile Workforce Through Video

The Survey of Corporate Communicators also revealed that adoption and ease of use are essential to successfully integrating video capture. When done well, video capabilities can enable a mobile workforce and increase efficiency. As a result, users can easily switch and mix video sources through a touch-screen interface, while being able to see one or all video sources simultaneously, for a very dynamic experience.

Learning Opportunities

Additionally, the QCS seamlessly integrates with the Qumu Video Control Center (VCC) video management platform, which provides robust streaming and distribution capabilities including a Social Video Portal, search, Q&A, polling and extensive reporting capabilities.


An example of how OSIsoft compiled their video assets in a central platform, making it easy for employees to search for a particular video program and share it with a colleague or customer.

As companies begin to expand globally, the use of video within the enterprise also continues to grow. Many organizations need a way to effective share information with employees in multiple countries across time zones. The new updates featured in Qumu’s Capture Studio seeks to provide a way for companies to manage and share video assets, while providing multiple live and on-demand outputs simultaneously, so customers and employees alike can be easily reached using a multitude of devices.