Rio SEO Integrates with Blue Kai to Expand Marketer's Reach with Brand Influencers

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SEO automation and social media marketing company Rio SEO has announced that the Rio SEO Social Advertiser will be integrated with the BlueKai Data Management Platform. This relationship offers digital marketers improved insights into customers to identify brand influencers and analytics to track the efficacy of campaigns.

Reaching the Influencers

Not only do today’s marketers need to be able to interact with customers and track trends, but they also need to be able to engage with the most influential users in these networks. In doing so they will increase the brand's influence.

Through Rio SEO and BlueKai's integration, marketerswho use these products will now be to see exactly who the influencers are for their brand and create better influencer profiles, as well be able to create “look-alikes” orbuild larger audiences from smaller audiences to improve a brand’s social reach and customer targeting ability.

Learning Opportunities

At BlueKai our mantra is, ‘Use what you know to power what you do,’ and our partnership with Rio SEO empowers marketers to achieve this,” said Cory Treffiletti, senior vice president of marketing at BlueKai.“In a nutshell, we are enabling marketers to use what they know about their social influencers to inform their ad targeting and messaging strategies to drive higher marketing ROI.”

Along with these features, the integration also gives users the chance to use Rio SEO’s Tag and Trace script for websites, landing pages and rich media players. It's a tool which can market to influencer contacts who are already sharing and posting content about a brand.Also, once a company or brand launches a digital marketing campaign or social look-alike program, it can use Rio SEO's Social Analyze to measure how successful and effective a campaign is, by seeing how ads are performing, how many shares and posts content is receiving and results on earned media.

Who are Rio SEO and BlueKai?

Rio SEO was founded seven years ago, and offers clients a variety of tools to improve their ROI, search engine results and overall marketing performance. Some of its products include the SEO automation platform andLocal SEO & Mobile Search solution. More recently, the company released a keyword discovery tool for landing pages.

As for BlueKai, this year it integrated its customer intelligence tool into IBM’s tag management system. Besides that, the company, which was founded in 2007, focuses primarily on data management and data intelligence and providing solutions for marketers, publishers, agencies and data providers. These solutions includeversions of the BlueKai Data Exchange, the BlueKai App Center and the Mobile Data Management platform.

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