Rio SEO Launches Keyword Discovery Tool for Better Landing Pages

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Rio SEO Launches Keyword Discovery Tool for Better Page Landings
When consumers search for a need that could be met by your product or service, what keywords are they actually using? There are a variety of tools and techniques for discovering those magic words, and now Rio SEO has unveiled a new one. 

The company said that its new Keyword Discovery Automation platform is the first of its kind to identify the specific web landing pages that have the highest relevancy for the recommended keywords.

Identifying High-Opportunity Keywords

The idea is that, in addition to suggesting the highest-opportunity keywords for searching, the tool also points to the strongest landing pages on the existing website that correspond to the specific keyword -- even if those pages need a complete content overhaul. In this way, the tool is designed to offer the best keyword-to-landing-page flow.

The San Diego, California-based Rio SEO is a provider of software-as-a-service SEO automation solutions. Its modules are designed for organic search and social media analysis, with functionality supporting:

  • Content marketing
  • Auditing
  • Reporting
  • Change tracking
  • Keyword discovery
  • Competitive analysis
  • Mobile site optimization
  • SEO execution
  • Local SEO automation

Pete Dudchenko, Rio SEO’s senior director for product management, said in a statement that the new tool is a “powerful decision-making and workflow management resource that clearly shows what people are saying across the competitive landscape, in various social media conversations, and through traditional search marketing data sources.”

Learning Opportunities

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Easier Management and Reporting

To arrive at its keyword discovery, the tool analyzes the competitive landscape, drawing on both social media and traditional search data sources. The workflow guides the user through the steps needed to discover keywords and the most appropriate pages. The user can categorize keywords and pages in multiple categories for easier management and reporting, and can associate keyword and page combinations for analysis.

Keyword Discovery Automation utilizes the patented SEO Audit Score system of Rio SEO’s parent company, Covario, which describes itself as the “nation’s largest independent provider of global search marketing services and technology solutions.” Rio SEO was spun off from the privately-held firm in April 2012.

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