Sharing files in the cloud is now possible in the Salesforce Chatter Mobile app for iOS, and a new day has dawned for mobile teams using iPads and iPhones to get work done away from their offices.

Share Files with People or Groups

Using the Salesforce Chatter Mobile app has, until now, been about staying connected with colleagues and coworkers, and even edit accounts, leads and opportunities. Salesforce has now updated the app to include accessing files right in the browser, and sharing them securely with colleagues, teams and people outside the organization via a drag and drop workflow.

This update is significant because although not a complete reinvention of mobile CRM, it's the next iterative step along that route. As we've noted here repeatedly, the amount of command and control most IT departments require is simply not there on mobile devices, so accessing documents in the cloud has proven mostly elusive to many enterprises.

Salesforce, of course, think it can help fix that problem by putting the infrastructure in place to allow for just such file sharing. Chatter Mobile allows users to make comments on files, track version controls and subscribe to receive updates on any changes. Files can be uploaded simultaneously (up to two gigabytes) and can be previewed before doing so.

Learning Opportunities

It's Better in the Cloud

When files live in the cloud, it not only frees up storage on a particular device, it allows for access from anywhere there is a connection. For those times when there is no connection, or perhaps when power is low, documents can be saved for offline viewing. There is one drawback to this feature, however. Those saved for offline viewing docs don't come with editing tools.

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Upload images, pdfs, PowerPoint presentations and documents and assign them to groups or people with the latest Chatter Mobile update.

If a document is saved for accessing when offline, any editing done there will have to be done with another app. Other updates include the ability to see the most recently viewed Groups and People, and what Salesforce calls improvements to the @ mention formatting and the comment refresh animation. Chatter Mobile for iOS is available now for iPhone, iPad and iTouch, and requires iOS 6 or higher. The Android version update is also forthcoming, but no timetable has been established.