Now that Salesforce Marketing Cloud has added several new Social Insight Partners, it's clear that the company is ready to push forward from simply listening to the social stream to turning it into real action.

Social Insights is just one part of the Marketing Cloud that Salesforce introduced this year at its annual Dreamforce conference in September.

New Partners TrendSpottr + Lexalytics

Insights means analytics, and TrendSpottr is one of the Salesforce partners who will provide things like identifying real-time influencers with high viral influence, and helping increase customers' social and business intelligence gathering.

Lexalytics is a new Marketing Cloud partner who specializes in sentiment analysis. What's being said is great to know, but how it's being said is also key. Lexalytics tracks hashtags and mentions, but it also can decode things like emoticons and shorthand like IMHO or YMMV. 

TrendSpottr is already providing its analytics to Hootsuite, the popular social media dashboard. Likewise, Lexalytics and its core product Salience has been active in this area for quite a while now, and is part of the BI mix at places like Cisco Systems and Lithium Technologies.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Beefs up Social Insights Analytics, Partners with TrendSpottr & Lexalytics

TrendSpottr IDs trending links, hashtags and users and also expands shortened links to show where incoming traffic comes from.

Post Dreamforce Updates

Dreamforce 2012 was the big kick-off event for several new Salesforce products, and now those products are getting their first updates. For Marketing Cloud, that means 13 new Social Insights partners in all, and they join already onboard partners like Klout and OpenCalais. All of theses partnership capabilities can be purchased inside the Radian 6/Marketing Cloud dashboard. 

In the TrendSpottr case, pricing within Marketing Cloud will depend on how much info customers want to analyze. More data equals more cost. 

A company called Rapleaf is also now a Marketing Cloud partner, and it will provide a public information and personal interests aggregator. Rapleaf specializes in pulling in demographic data from large email sets for deeper understanding of targeted audiences.