Salesforce Promises Amazing Customer Service with Deskcom

Using customer service platform is like being adopted into a large family. The adopters happen to be

Salesforce has updated its acquired platform with a new intelligent agent console and a mobile app and reporting engine among other enhancements for all-in-one automated customer service. 

"The No. 1 wow factor is that we can grow with you," said Leyla Seka, senior vice president and general manager of Salesforce "You can start on and grow any which way you want to grow."

Seka described as "awesome" and "amazing."

And then there's this -- a lot of point solutions, Seka added, do not have the speed and power of Salesforce behind it.

Next Generation Customer Support avoids having to choose between legacy support solutions that require dedicated IT resources or point solutions that lack the ability to scale as a company grows, officials said.

customer experience, Salesforce Plans to Empower Customer Service Through

Salesforce is calling it the "next generation" It includes:

  • Faster service set up with new intelligent agent console: The console can be personalized per agent to optimize productivity while rules, workflows and templates maintain the company’s brand integrity. 
  • Faster decision making with actionable insights: The new reporting engine includes metrics and insights that allows managers to view comprehensive, real-time reports. In addition, now includes 10 times more APIs to quickly connect data from other apps for a holistic view of the customer and an integration with Salesforce.
  • Mobile app: Users can add notes, update statuses and assign cases in the mobile app. 

In a demo of the new features with CMSWire, Salesforce officials showed the ability for agents to handle customer requests with features like predictive responses. Agents can deliver customer experiences across phone, email, web and social media.

The next generation is generally available today with pricing starting at $30 per month, per agent. The mobile app for iPhone and iPad is now generally available for download at the Apple App Store. Support for Android devices will be available in the fall of 2014.