Scout's analytics platform is getting a piece of Marketo's marketing automation.

Marketo's marketing automation capabilties gives Scout Analytics, which was acquired in January by ServiceSource, the ability to directly connect with marketing automation through user-level nurturing. It's something Scout officials told CMSWire is unique in this space: moving beyond company stakeholders and getting down to actual user habits.

"You can nurture them to come back when their subscription is about to end and get updates on subscriptions," said Matthew Shanahan, vice president of product strategy for Scout.

Marketo Integration 

The Scout platform costs $18,000 per year. The added Marketo capabilities go for $3,000.

customer experience, Scout Debuts Marketo Marketing Automation Integration

How does Scout work? It analyzes subscribed customers through their usage, customer health and subscription administration.

How would the Marketo marketing automation enter the picture? It would generate communication to customers based on the Scout analysis of actual end users.

The move to Marketo's automation platform comes at a time when manual, face-to-face, email and phone communication are dying for B2B marketers, Scout officials said. The platform allows marketers to connect and manage leads across the entire customer life cycle.

Scout touted the following features in its marriage with Marketo:

  • User synchronization: automatically synchronizes users tracked in Scout with Marketo
  • Usage triggered communications: initiates communications to users based on feature usage within each product
  • Health scoring triggered communications: a scoring engine that initiates communications to stakeholders and users based on changes in health scores
  • Subscription triggered communications: initiates communications to stakeholders based on subscription terms

Lead Nurturing and Marketing Automation

We've discussed the marriage between lead nurturing and marketing automation before. Where the lead nurturing process usually consists of repetitive steps, a marketing automation workflow makes sense, wrote Petr Passinger.

"But to avoid losing quality and the human touch of manual lead nurturing, marketing automation must be well-thought-out and provide great content through various channels that is, above all, enriched with personalization," Passinger wrote. "Only then can your lead nurturing strategy be fully covered by marketing automation."

Passinger also argued for topic-oriented lead nurturing specifically for B2B websites when it comes to marketing automation.

We also broached the topic of lead nurturing in this marketing automation report and offered these insights into the industry as a whole.