Customer experience management company, SDL has released a new feature for its Language Technologies platform. The feature, Machine Translation (MT), will help businesses sort through content from e-Commerce sites, social media and help forums that are in a different language.

Big Data Has Big Problems

SDL, who recently launched SDL LiveContent, a customer experience monitoring tool, has noticed that despite becoming quite popular, Big Data has its problems. According to SDL, enterprises are trying to sort through and manage large amounts of information, a lot of which is in a different language. This problem leads to what SDL refers to as the “Big Language challenge."

Some of the common issues include a poor turnaround time due to translation problems, poor global customer service and relationship management, a lack of employee collaboration and a lack of online customer engagement because a company isn't multilingual.

The Machine Translation Solution

In order to help businesses with this language barrier, SDL is offering a product than can give businesses, both enterprise and SMBs, a competitive edge within a global environment, which is why it created the SDL Languages Platform, a suite of language service tools.

With the release of Machine Translation (MT), users will integrate the tool with BeGlobal, a cloud platform for real-time automated translation. They will be able to train the SDL BeGlobal machine translation software with the BeGlobal trainer to receive real-time language translations. In turn, the MT will expand on the type of data that can be looked at, since it will be more accessible -- no matter what language it's in. Content that can be translated include chat histories, email and social media.

Our mission is to eliminate barriers to global communication by helping solve Big Language challenges within every industry,” said Keith Laska, CEO of the SDL Language Technologies division. “By delivering our market-leading technologies via a powerful, integrated enterprise platform, and putting MT in the hands of users, we hope to provide the right technology and tools for every global communication need across the organization.” 

Therefore, by having this tool, SDl hopes to make the Big Data process easier, improve customer experience and help businesses with sales, revenue, brand expansion and employee productivity.

Along with Machine Translation, other language platform solutions include: SDL Studio GroupShare, collaboration community for small and medium sized groups of project managers, translators and reviewers, SDL Passolo, a localization integration tool for software development and localization teams and SDL Trados Studio, an editing platform.