We always like to hear about updates to web content management platforms and SDL Tridion is no exception. Today we see the release of SDL Tridion 2013. Here's a look at what's new and improved. 

I had to take a stroll back through the archives to see when CMSWire last covered a major release of SDL Tridion. It was January 2011 - the release of SDL Tridion 2011. That release was all about enhanced mobile delivery, a new online marketing explorer, lots of usability and extensibility improvements and an update to SmartTarget for better personalization of experiences. 

Tridion 2013 has taken the next steps to helping customers deliver engaging experience across channels -- the omnichannel as it is.

SDL Tridion 2013

There are four big pieces to review in this Tridion release:

Bundling your Content Assets

New bundling feature enables you to pull together better manage all your digital assets in cross-channel content marketing campaigns. Expect to get more coordinated publishing of content assets, while adhering to content standards and governance policies. Note that bundles are blueprinted (We all know about SDL's blueprinting technology that makes managing multiple websites and channels a little bit easier), and they can have workflow applied to them.

Learning Opportunities

Redesigned Workflow Engine

Speaking of workflow, a redesigned workflow engine gives you more control of processes. You can also create a task on the fly and there's integration with Outlook for task notification.

Integrated Framework for External Content

Also new to Tridion 2013 is an integrated connector framework called External Content Libraries. This means that all your content does not have to reside directly within Tridion, but can be managed through Tridion processes. ECL comes with out the box connectors for its own DAM solution SDL Media Manager, as well as Adam Digital Asset Management

Improved Experience Manager

Designing experiences should be much easier with Tridion 2013 with enhancements to the Experience Manager. Essentially from a single interface you can manage the entire process from the creation of content, to how it's targets and deployed across channels and devices, to translations, social media interaction, analytics and more.

SDL Tridion 2013 has been in the works for a while now, but it's finally public ready. We will be getting more details on this newest release, so stay tuned. This release goes along with a number of product announcements out of SDL lately including the introduction of the Intelligent Marketing Suite, and the acquisition of mobile solutions provider Bemoko.