Shoutlet Integrates with Foursquare for Location-Based Marketing

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Shoutlet, a cloud-based social marketing platform, announced that it is now integrated with foursquare, the location-based friend-tracker.

The new support for foursquare enables the Shoutlet 5.0 platform to provide the ability to track check-ins, mayorships, photos and tips, and to generate multi-level reports for foursquare locations, in campaigns that offer location-based promotions.

Check-In Demos

The Shoutlet platform allows users to manage multiple venues from one dashboard, instead of separately logging into sites. In its announcement, Shoutlet pointed to Fairmont Raffles Hotels Internationals, which has to manage more than 500 brand and hotel-level venues worldwide.

With the new integration, users can check out all foursquare venues, a specific venue or a group in near real-time, in order to see check-ins, mayor changes, tips and photos.

A new layer of data is also being offered -- check-in demographics that show age and gender, as well as sharing stats to better inform future specials. Those specials can be set up and managed for all or some venues through the dashboard. Social metrics, such as check-ins, can be established as triggers for more location-based specials, or for announcements on Facebook or Twitter, via Shoutlet’s campaign publishing tool, Social Switchboard.

Social Switchboard is designed to allow marketing teams to build their social media campaigns in advance, and then set a variety of pre-scheduled markers and milestones, which can cause specific content to be published.

Learning Opportunities

A Package Deal

Shoutlet CEO Jason Weaver said in a statement that the company “set out to create a meaningful service for do-it-yourself marketers with features that our customers crave and will ultimately help them do their job better.”

In addition to the trigger-based Social Switchboard, the self-service, cloud-based Shoutlet Enterprise Social Marketing Platform offers professional-level design tools for social media, the ability to create and segment social profiles, tools for creating and distributing custom social media content, and the ability to generate and manage customer relationships and analytics.

Other features include a contest platform, HTML5 web app building and social commerce.

Shoutlet recently obtained US$ 15 million in venture capital funding from FTV Capital, after reportedly turning down funding offers from 15 other VC firms and acquisition offers from several companies.