Sitecore Apps Offer Mobile Customer Experience Analytics

Sitecore wants to put the customer at the heart of customer experiences. And now that the world has gone mobile, that means optimizing the mobile customer experience.

With Sitecore's release of mobile apps for its experience platform, it's acting on that business strategy.

While it hasn't put its entire experience platform on mobile, it has made the platform accessible on mobile — a timely move given predictions by Forrester and others that the lines are blurring between physical and digital worlds.

More Analytics and Insight

With the new Insight Dashboard application for Windows 8.1 tablets and Apple iPad, users will be able to access the experience platform to gather customer engagement analytics and insights across all enterprise touchpoints and present them in a simple mobile view. Sitecore iOS Media Uploader enables them upload rich media onto the platform.

Globally speaking, Sitecore’s platform analyzes and provides context on how customers behave and incorporates that into the way organizations interact with customers, enabling those organizations to develop superior customer experiences.

In terms of e-commerce, we saw in January that this means providing content that matches the customers needs and wants. Sitecore is making all the information available on its platform accessible to all the users who need it, all the time.

Data provided through email, social, mobile and web interaction with customers feeds into one platform and provides workers with a birds-eye view of how the customer behaves and predicts future behavior.

This delivers two very important benefits:

  • Marketers can efficiently orchestrate teams to create and manage interactions
  • Marketers can immediately use customer behavior to develop more relevant and personalized experiences.

But what about workers who spend a lot of time on the road and who need the real time customer information at their finger tips?

Sitecore Insight Dashboard.jpg

Executive Insight Dashboard

This is where the Executive Insight Dashboard app comes in. It offers marketers engagement analytics, providing insights from mobile devices so they can make decisions on-the-go. Customer activity is automatically added into existing customer intelligence profiles stored in Sitecore’s experience platform, which is accessible via the app.

Sitecore claims the dashboard increases marketer productivity by providing access to key insights from customer data and campaign engagement metrics.

iOS Media Uploader

Sitecore has also released the iOS Media Uploader, which lets marketers upload rich media content, including high-resolution photos and videos, via mobile directly into the Sitecore Media Library.

From the Media Library, users can share this information across the enterprise where it is immediately accessible through the Sitecore content management system and are instantly added to existing customer profiles with tags for easy search. This lets marketers use richer content around customers and also provides them with more scope to deliver personalized experiences.