Systems Alliance Enables Structured Content With Site Executive
Web/IT consulting firm Systems Alliance has released SiteExecutive 2012, the latest version of its Web CMS. New features include more structured content creation capabilities and mobile delivery enhancements.

Responding to Mobile Content Needs

With its latest upgrade to the SiteExecutive CMS solution, Systems Alliance is once again attempting to extend the content users create to as many channels and platforms as possible. Using responsive web design, SiteExecutive 2012 applies CSS media queries to adapt content layouts to various mobile screen sizes. In addition, the hosted MediaExecutive online video service encodes video for mobile delivery using HTML5 video encoding, formatting content for Apple and Android devices.

It has been a steady stream of updates for SiteExecutive. In May 2011, Systems Alliance released Enhancement Pack 1 (EP1), which added a social dimension to SiteExecutive. The update provided integration with Twitter and Facebook, and also offered enhancements in the blog, calendar, profile directory and other core CMS applications.

Predefined Fields Help Structure Content

Systems Alliance is also touting a new predefined fields feature as enabling users to structure content, defining content types, presentation layers and collection methods for use in SiteExecutive and in other content management systems. Users can define and create content types according to their internal strategies and then apply predefined fields including WYSIWYG, dates, text, numerical, picklist/selectors (populators), image and video.

Users can also apply presentation layouts to define how content is displayed on the Web, while URL interpreters and viewlets filter content by channel, such as mobile or social media.

Representational state transfer (REST) application programming interfaces allow external systems to consume and display content generated in SiteExecutive.

Delivering Content to Audiences

Systems Alliance is participating in a wider trend of Web CMS technology vendors enabling their end users to deliver content in any format to audiences via any channel. For example, last month Limelight Networks released Limelight Orchestrate, a solution framework offering flexible ways to manage the complexity of digital content publishing that include a Stream Anywhere service which converts video content into required formats via Adobe’s Media Server 4.5.

Last month also saw eZ Systems release the newest version of its eZ Publish flagship software, which included faster mobile website generation tools and support for location-based mobile services.

The more options content creators have on the back end to format content for consumption via multiple channels and platforms, the more easily that content will produce ROI and the happier they will be with their CMS tools. CMS vendors are recognizing the fact that “content management” means more than being able to keep track of content workflows for internal sharing.