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With video now one of the real “must haves” for any enterprise website most vendors are either integrating with outside video management systems or building their own. Such is the case with Systems Alliance (news, site), which has just released its video management system called MediaExecutive that is fully integrated with its Web content management system SiteExecutive.

The newly released MediaExecutive is a hosted online video service (which suggests that it could easily be extended to work with other Web CMS) that simplifies the upload, configuration and playback of HD video.

MediaExecutive Video Branding

While there are many such simplified systems in the market at the moment like YouTube or Facebook, many of them are blighted by excessive interference from the ads they are obliged to carry, which for a company that is trying to project a specific brand image can be a problem.

The result is that companies that are using System Alliance’s Web CMS can use the MediaExecuitve service, which guarantees brand integrity by ensuring that all videos contain unique content originating from the client enterprise.

Another nice touch is that the videos all appear to come from the domain of the website owners, something that many services forget, making the branding even more effective. With this, CMSWire videos, for example, would appear to come from (note this is not a real URL).

MediaExecutive Features

Available immediately, MediaExecutive simplifies all aspects of online video management and delivery -- from video uploads and configuration of video libraries or channels to playback of full HD video.

MediaExecutive, as a result, has to be a subscription based service as it does not have the ad revenue to support it and interacts with any website built with SiteExecutive CMS. Features of the new service include:

  • Easy video upload with ‘point and click’ from PC, Mac, or any device that supports video
  • Multiple video resolutions with automatic encoding and Flash video format conversion
  • Easy video categorization for channel selection and association with other relevant web content
  • Customizable player
  • Built in reporting
  • Users also benefit from subscription-based licensing, which offers a choice of six-month, one-year, two-year and three-year packages

SiteExecutive Web CMS

For its part, SiteExecutive is a Web CMS that System Alliance says it is constantly tweaking to improve the user experience with features like automatic link integrity check and integration with major analytic vendors like Google or Omniture. Major features include:

  • Search: By creating WC3 compliant, clean XHTML, SiteExecutive offers easy control over page elements that optimize search rankings including human-readable URLs, editable title tags and editable browser title.
  • Mobile: Provides streamlined processes for delivering mobile ready content for all the major smartphones.
  • Personalization: Comes with a classification engine that enables users to organize and tag content.
  • Landing pages: Simplifies the easy creation of landing pages and microsites.

And there are many more features that combined with MediaExecuitve provide a well-rounded Web CMS for corporate and public sector enterprises. Pricing for MediaExecutive is based on an estimation of storage and bandwidth consumed, but you’ll have to contact them for an estimate.