With mobile devices blossoming, how can content publishers best distribute their wares? A South Africa-based company, Snapplify, is providing one solution. 

The company enables publishers, authors and other mobile content providers to package their offerings into digital publications that become available within a branded mobile app. Content providers can create, manage and distribute multiple publications -- and handle subscription and other revenue streams -- through a single app.

Custimization for iOS, Android

The app, which is customized to the owner’s requirements, is then distributed by Snapplify globally through app stores. Currently, Snapplify is working through Apple’s App Store and the Google Play app store.

App development, submission and approval are handled by Snapplify, and its platform can handle a variety of file formats, including PDF, ePDF, ePUB, maps, embedded websites, HTML 5 and common audio and video formats. The client receives analytical data about downloads and sales, and payment collection and disbursement is handled by Snapplify.

Apps can be made available for iOS or Android smartphones or tablets, depending on the client’s needs, although Snapplify points out that many kinds of digital publications are best viewed on tablets.

Snapplify Offers One-Stop Digital Publishing for Mobile Content Providers

No Upfront Cost for Publishers

Snapplify gives several use case examples, such as Africa’s first tablet-only interactive daily newspaper, called iMaverick. The publication needed a solution that would offer mass distribution to both Apple and Android devices, integration with a large database of existing subscribers, a reliable and engaging interface, and options such as in-app subscriptions.

Snapplify Offers One-Stop Digital Publishing for Mobile Content Providers

With Snapplify, publishers can upload mobile-optinimzed pdf files and produce a digital newspaper with multimedia content.

Snapplify’s solution utilized the existing PDF files that had been optimized for mobile, and resulted in a Digital News app for iMaverick that offers the digital newspaper with embedded video, interactive ads and other multimedia content. iMaverick staff employ the Snapplify platform to manage content in the app.

The platform was launched a year ago at the Frankfurt Book Fair. While a variety of publishing solutions for mobile devices have emerged, including WoodWing’s collaboration with Adobe’s Digital Publishing Suite and small vendors such as 955 Dreams, a potential strength to Snapplify’s approach is a soup-to-nuts solution that takes care of distribution. Additionally, pricing is based on a commission of sales, so the lack of upfront costs could appeal to small publishers.