When I conduct social media audits for clients, I use a variety of tools to discover what’s being said about, by and around a company and its brand. The first thing you’ll notice about doing a social media audit is that there is no one reliable way to search for all that information across platforms. But thanks to a new tool from Social Searcher, we’re getting closer.

Searching for Social Buzz

Last week, Social Searcher, a platform that uses a combination of Google custom search and Facebook’s publicly available API to enable keyword searches across all kinds of data indexed by Google on Facebook, released Social Buzz. Social Buzz is a real-time search engine for Facebook, Twitter and Google+, that is designed to provide a different kind of user experience for curious users and deep analytics for the marketing professional.

At its most basic level, Social Buzz lets you type in a search term and then scours Facebook, Twitter and Google+. However, its advanced capabilities let you refine your search by locale, popularity, language and type of media. Search results have a three-column layout of the found posts and an analytics block in the bottom. You can use “Search” and “Analytics” vertical navigation tabs for the quick jumping to search options and analytics data.



Analytics data provides a summary of post types, link domains, keyword analysis, sentiment analysis, top users and popular posts.


Understanding How Your Content Spreads

Overall, it’s an overwhelming amount of information that comes from one simple (or advanced search), and it is nice to have it all in once place rather than having to do it individually across the separate platforms. Being able to align keyword searches alongside deep data analytics is very helpful in identifying key content influencers, which can be leveraged to promote future blog posts or social media updates.

Whether or not this will become a mainstay of the social media marketer’s toolbox is still to be determined, but if it does it can help streamline how organizations understand who’s influencing their content’s social buzz.