All marketers want to be successful through social channels. They just need to find their sweet spot and get executive support, studies tell us. They've also got to be convinced an outside agency in a flooded provider market can help.

Leveraging Data Across the Web

Networked Insights believes it can. Today it introduced a technology advancement that gives marketers the ability to classify consumers using social data. In fact, it provides more than 22,000 ways to classify the social web, in categories like age range, location, gender, psychographics, life stage, interests, preferences and more.

The release is an enhancement to its marketing decisions technology platform, SocialSense

customer experience, Social Marketer Provider Networked Insights Enchances SocialSense

Essentially, the product cracks the walls in front of social profiles to help marketers better understand and connect with consumers. Using this technology, marketers can make decisions, Networked Insights suggests, in areas such as segmentation, creative development, targeting and media buying. It can also produce insights in awareness, familiarity, purchase intent and loyalty. The real-time classifier platform includes advancements a unique age classifier that analyzes 2,000 dimensions of social data. 

Why This Product?

First, it should be noted that Networked Insights has been cited by Forrester's Wave for Social Media as strong for its connection to the media world. The provider is now three years removed from securing a $5 million investment from Kegonsa Capital Partners to expand the social media market presence of its SocialSense platform. Since then, it's raised $38 million from Goldman Sachs, Kegnosa and other institutional investors.

We asked Networked Insights what makes this update to its SocialSense platform unique. The answer: the industry has seen a lot of companies ingest large portions of data for marketing. What makes SocialSense unique here? Its ability to classify all of the text-based social data as it's created.

Its primary effect is increasing the people and technology that can integrate its data and analytics technology to improve marketing decisions, a company spokesperson told CMSWire.

What Does It Cost?

If your organization is in the market, it is important to note that this solution varies widely on pricing. According to Networked Insights, prices vary because it provides access to technology and services based on client engagement and the scope of the work. Competitor-wise, this solution comes up most often against Adobe and Salesforce marketing technology suites.