This week Google dominated the social media news with updates released for Google Plus and Google Hangouts. Believe it or not, however, for those of us not at Google I/O developers conference, there was other social media news this week. Here are a few stories you may have missed. 

Analyze Content, Not Just People

SocialBro, the Twitter management dashboard has become more powerful. It has introduced new Twitter analytics features that analyze the content you share on Twitter as well as the users that have interacted with that content. Users can see how tweets have performed over time and the relative popularity of each tweet in terms of the number of Favorites, retweets and replies. 


These features aim to delve deeper into the analytics associated with social communities. Sure, the people are interesting, but what they are saying also plays a crucial role into monitoring and managing your online communities. While SocialBro is strictly limited Twitter, its functionalities provide a comprehensive view that can be used to influence content across other networks. 

Get Your Social Media From Your News

On Thursday, Yahoo announced a new partnership between the companies that will bring select tweets from Twitter directly into the Yahoo News stream. According to a blog post from Marissa Mayer, “[Yahoo] will seamlessly include relevant and personalized Tweets alongside stories from Yahoo! and our other sources.”


The idea is that users can find relevant and interesting people and publishers to follow on Twitter, which they found browsing content that spoke to their interests and preferences. Integrating social with news isn’t new. Since more people are getting their news from social media, Yahoo seems to be leveraging Twitter for its insights so they can complement its news. 

While Yahoo says that the integration will roll out to all U.S. desktop and mobile web users over the next few day, it’s unclear how they will ensure the quality of the tweets featured. 

One Stop Mobile Community Management

Viralheat, the community and social media management platform has launched an iPhone app that gives users a completely mobile social media marketing suite that can be accessed anywhere, anytime. An extension of its desktop platform, users can manage multiple social accounts across Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, as well as engage with community members and analyze follower data for connected Facebook and Twitter accounts.


Managing one’s online community from one’s mobile device is possible, but not always seamless or easy. Viralheat’s mobile app aims to give community and social media managers the functionality via a user-friendly interface.