On Friday, April 27 more than 500 community managers, social media strategists and marketers convened in Knoxville for Social Slam 2012. The brainchild of Mark Schaefer, educator, blogger and author of Return on Influence, this was Social Slam’s second year. It proved to be a one-day conference that delivered engaging, interactive and myth-busting information about social media, customer engagement and social intelligence that left everyone inspired.

Cutting Through Social Media BS

I’ve been to a lot of conferences and this one stood out immediately for how well it cut through a lot of social media nonsense that gets spewed. If ROI was used, it was in the context of influence, and never revenue. As well, cookie-cutter approaches were nowhere to be found, making it very clear that every company will integrate a strategy unique to them and their company.

Social Slam 2012 featured outstanding keynote addresses by Gini Dietrich, Mitch Joel, Tom Webster and Mark Schaefer who dynamically addressed everything from integrated communications, big data and new rules of creating and leveraging power on the social web. Additionally, staying true to its name, the conference highlighted 9 "slams” in which presenters had 10 minutes to deliver big ideas and case studies about social media engagement.

10 Big Ideas About Community Management

I was honored to be included among those invited to present during the Slam. My 10 big ideas about community management touched on many key concepts related to providing authentic customer experiences and engagement. My presentation and notes are included here.

Overall, Social Slam 2012 proved educational, engaging and entertaining -- perhaps raising the bar for future slams. For those who missed it, you can peruse the event's Twitter feed (video of the sessions will be coming soon!).  As well, I highly recommend that you add Social Slam to your list of must-attend conferences for 2013.