Source Metrics, a company that provides marketing teams with social media marketing tools, has released a Social Media Inbox. This new product aims to help companies and their brands with their social media presence.

As social media continues to be increasingly chosen amongst marketers to promote their brands, its use within campaigns is becoming less of an extra feature and more of a key marketing tool. Many businesses lack the skills and knowledge to properly market themselves and their products across social platforms like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter -- that's where companies like Source Metrics come in.

These companies aim to improve marketing through publishing, campaign management and analytics. Source Metrics has been creating social media marketing tools since its launch in 2008. More recently, it updated its marketing optimization platform.

What is the Social Media Inbox?

The Social Media Inbox tool is not only fully integrated into the Source Metrics platform, but is also categorized as a social engagement and "listening tool." By looking at a dashboard, marketers can receive updates as to how successful their campaign is through comments and posts from consumers. They can then respond to these comments in real-time and tailor products to fit customer demand.

There is no shortage of social media monitoring services, but what do brands do with the data?” said Scott Lake, CEO and co-founder of Source Metrics. “Our platform answers this question by providing visibility into social marketing activity, and then taking it one step further with real-time intelligence that shows how campaigns are performing, along with the ability to act on those insights to generate the best results.”

Therefore, with Social Media Inbox, and other Source Metrics tools, users can not only improve how well they interact with consumers, but also try to improve their relationships with those who may dislike or have problems with their product by responding to their concerns promptly.


Features of the Social Media Inbox

Even though, on the surface, the Social Media Inbox appears to be like other digital marketing enhancement tools, there are few key features that make it a worthwhile investment.

  • Comments and Messages are categorized by the "tone" of their keywords or hashtags; the categories are positive, negative or neutral. These comments and messages are prioritized by their urgency and given to marketing teams immediately.
  • Companies may receive hundreds or thousands of comments a day about a brand or product. The Social Media Inbox sifts through this information to find the ones that are "important and actionable mentions," so marketers don't have to sort through vague or irrelevant comments.
  • With the listening tool, marketers who manage a variety of different campaigns are able to to see all of the relevant information and links about a specific campaign and respond promptly to customer comments.