Spigit's Social Innovation Platform Updates Improve Engagement and ROI

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Social innovation software provider, Spigit has announced a series of engagement and ROI-centric updates to its platform.

The Spigit Marketing Solution

Part of the social enterprise field, Spigit aims to help “organizations unleash the creativity of employees, customers and partners to find transformative ideas that drive growth.” In other words, Spigit usescrowd-sourcing, games mechanics and big data analytics to improve employee and customer engagement, product development and create better company revenue.

Some of the Spigit tools include SpigitFusion, an evaluation and implementation platform, integration tool SpigitEngage for Facebook and SpigitEngage for Jive, a tool that that can integrate with the Jive Software platform. Recently, Spigit announced it had acquired business intelligence provider Crowdcast to improve its social innovation offerings.

A Good ROI Starts with Engagement

While many marketers struggle with using social media and other forms of engagement, Spigit finds that even when marketers know how to engage with their consumer base, they don't know how to turn this engagement into ROI. By updating its platform, Spigit hopes to expand on engagement and improve marketing skills by “turning chat into action, which has an immediate impact on returns from innovation investment. "

Learning Opportunities

The updated features are as follows:

  • SpigitEngage: SpigitEngage is a crowd enablement platform. New features include Challenges 2.0which allows users to center social collaboration around a timeline and a specific topic allowing companies to instantly engage customers and immediately see if they've made an impact. Other updates include Pairwise, a social voting tool and Reputation, an algorithm that encourages idea submission, voting and commenting.
  • SpigitEngage for SharePoint: In addition to being its own platform, SpigitEngage can also integrate with SharePoint. Features that have been added include global navigation and a leader board function, as well as a Yammer integration option, where events relating to customer engagement innovation can be streamed via a Yammer news feed.
  • Icon: A crowd-sourcing platform, Icon acts as a question and answer tool. With this update, Spigit has added an activity stream, status update function and improved Yammer integration capabilities which now includes an activity ticker.


An example of the Icon tool

All of the features are readily available for use on the Spigit website.