Christmas was trending on Twitter at noon December 3 -- who knows why? We can try looking through a few hundred tweets and make a guess, but it may not be very accurate; after all, there are thousands of data points. And it’s not just that, but as far as we can tell, nothing suddenly happened to make Christmas trend specifically at that moment.  

A quick perusal of tweets that mention “Christmas” reveal mentions of tree lightings, the Kardashian’sChristmas card that cost $250,000 to produce, Hasbro toys, a Christmas flashmob. Who knows if any of these are key to Christmas Trending?

You could try writing SQL queries all day and night still miss the target, or you could turn to LucidWorks products for discovery.

Meet LucidWorks

LucidWorks provides an enterprise-grade platform built on Apache Lucene/Solr open source search. The company says that its products transform the way people access information to enable data-driven decisions. LucidWorks products enable full-text search, hit highlighting, faceted search, dynamic clustering, database integration and rich document (e.g., Word, PDF) handling. Insights gained from LucidWorks (Apache Lucene/Solr) provide data driven companies with the information they need to take action.

LucidWorks Teams with Splunk to Provide Context to Big Data

Big data is made up largely of digital exhaust: data from points and clicks, information that your smartphone emits, temperature, time and actions taken by the Nest device in my home, and even things like the CEO of Salesforce’s toothbrush. Splunk produces software that helps companies make sense of their machine generated data (a.k.a. “digital exhaust").

Earlier today LucidWorks and Splunk announced the availability of Solr Monitor App for Splunk Enterprise. The companies say that the solution integrates multi-structured data indexed by Solr (provided by LucidWorks) directly into Splunk® Enterprise, giving system administrators the ability to look at the intersection of documents, customer records or other unstructured data sources as they relate to machine data. This enables companies to optimize their Solr applications, glean insights from search and usage patterns and spot security concerns to improve end user experiences and derive more business value from data-driven applications.

Solr Monitor App for Splunk Can Help Enterprises Make More Money

Sometimes the best way to explain how technologies work together is by providing an example. We reached out to Will Hayes, LucidWorks’ chief product officer, for exactly that.

Suppose Justin Bieber took a selfie with a new stuffed animal, said Hayes, “that stuffed animal's now the hottest thing out there and will start trending. And if it starts trending, you (the manufacturer of the stuffed animal) will want to react to the stuffed animal’s 'hotness' right away.You’ll want to make sure that the stuffed animal is on your company’s homepage, that it shows up first in search results, etc."

Learning Opportunities

Hayes also provided another example relevant to yesterday’s Cyber Monday.

Put yourself in the shoes of a retailer who thinks that holding flash sales a few times a day will not only help you make money but also keep customers on and bring new customers to your site, he said.

By leveraging Solr Monitor App for Splunk Enterprise you can easily analyze what people are buying via Splunk’s operational insights (through machine data analysis) and LucidWorks can then look at activity and aggregate by items being purchased, time of purchase, categories, brand names, etc. You can roll all of that into Solr and build real-time reporting, detect trends as to how certain brands are doing, examine flash sales, etc. That information can then be leveraged to tune flash sales throughout the holiday season.

“You're monitoring all of that with Splunk,” said Hayes. The LucidWorks integration can then translate item numbers, aggregate and make sense of them by creating a report that provides a 360 view of your product portfolio and user behavior, which is gold to retailers.

Big Data Insights Lead to Big Business Wins

Big Data has to be gathered, analyzed, visualized and acted upon to become relevant. LucidWorks and Splunk have partnered to get enterprises three-quarters of the way there. The last part -- taking action --must be taken by the enterprise.

It should be noted that the Solr Monitor App for Splunk Enterprise also provides a monitoring app specifically designed to allow companies to analyze and manage the health and availability of their Solr deployments in Splunk software.