Streamline Your Social Media with Bottlenose Sonar
It was only 5 or 6 years ago that Twitter and Facebook were introduced, but for some, the endless connectivity has already become burdensome. For those looking for a way to streamline their social media feeds, Bottlenose has introduced a smarter way to “surf the stream.”

A New Social Media Dashboard 

Currently in private beta, Bottlenose creates a unified stream and puts all of your networks in one place, and goes about understanding what each message is about at a very basic level. Users can build a rich profile of their interests so that the social media dashboard can present and even suggest new information that users may have otherwise missed.

Like the intelligence of its namesake dolphins, Bottlenose leverages highly-functional sorting and filtering so that users can set up sophisticated alerts and action-based rules. Bottlenose monitors your stream and networks, whether you’re actively engaged in the app or not, calling for attention when needed and taking actions on your behalf. It does this using an interface called Sonar (another dolphin reference), which looks at social media streams differently. It organizes data to show at-a-glance what is important and what is trending, allowing users to visually explore related clusters of information, drilling down to whatever is most interesting.

Here are a few additional features Bottlenose offers that are designed to help users take control of their social media feeds:

Social Views

Click on any Twitter username, or just type one in, and Bottlenose analyzes them in real time. Using Sonar, it’s easy to learn more about their interests and expertise, their favorite topics and the people they mention. Users can view all their messages categorized by type and subscribe to follow any slice of their messages you want.


Create, Send & Tag

Bottlenose lets users author and post richer messages and send them out to Twitter, Facebook, email and other types of streams to come. Bottlenose automatically adds semantic tags and users can also add your own. These tags live in the Bottlenose network, making it easier for others to find your messages.

Learning Opportunities


Plug-in & Expand

Users can expand their experience by adding plugins to extend your Bottlenose dashboard. Bottlenose's plugin framework supports Javascript and HTML 5 plugins that install instantly.


While Bottlenose aims to revolutionize or streamline social media, it will need to overcome the obstacle of adoption. As much as we all like to loathe Facebook and Twitter, they are already ingrained into our daily social lives. However, if we can all overcome the way we work and relearn new ways of engagement, Bottlenose has the potential to change the face of social.

You're Invited!

To gain access to Bottlenose's private beta, CMSWire readers can use the invite code/password cmswire. To redeem the code go to the homepage, click "start surfing" (ie, signup) and enter the code above. The app will then prompt you to connect with your desired social networks.